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Five Ways To Win My Heart. None Will Shock You.

“I bet I would have been more humiliated had I tried to explain myself to them in more words than “Law of attraction.” I did not remove the binoculars from my face as I focused on the Cessna 172 struggling to make a landing on that gusty afternoon on runway 07…”

Dipsticking Valentines.

…Re-live this day with me… I believe I am one of the best critics of valentines to this point. I am not writing to repeat what has repeatedly been said over valentines. I am here to expose myself. Again. As fate would have it, I set myself up for a date unknowingly. On 2ndof this […]

For The Love of Books.

Sunny Bindra’s article “How to read 50 Books Every year” inspired this article. Books, another whole world inside the one we live. In his article, he wrote about how easy it is to read 50 books a year. I started setting book goals in 2015. I used to read, but not towards a target. Goodreads […]

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