Meeting New People

Five Ways To Win My Heart. None Will Shock You.

“I bet I would have been more humiliated had I tried to explain myself to them in more words than “Law of attraction.” I did not remove the binoculars from my face as I focused on the Cessna 172 struggling to make a landing on that gusty afternoon on runway 07…”

Full Bladder Bus Rides.

Credits: It has been years since I was in a staff bus or shuttle as we used to call them. The call I received last night gave instructions on the RV & time – 0700 hrs. I had planned to leave home at a quarter to six. That would give me time to get to […]

Losing It!

What was that? The afternoon has been wonderful. For the past few weeks, I have been praying to God for answers to a challenging situation I have been struggling with. I will not be disclosing that in depth at this point though. But the answer came around one AM last night. An unexpected caller. Unknown […]

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