Bless Your Country!

I was wondering why citizens would behave in such a manner and I was reminded of the instances in scripture where we see people being tormented by foreign spirits aimed at destroying them. Among the reasons we are seeing this level of friction coming from our own countrymen is the fact that we now have a leader who recognizes the Lord.

When Adam Chose Death.

I don’t know where I would have been, had I not been forgiven. Ever imagined what would have happened if God had decided to go ahead with his word of punishing Adam and Eve as initially promised? The promised punishment was Death. From Genesis chapter 2 verse 16, the Lord told Adam that he could […]

STEPping Into Salvation III: The Bible.

Where to go? Who to follow? Where to fellowship? Where to grow? How to grow? These were important questions that I was asking myself, sometimes directly as they are and sometimes packaged in nuggets of thoughts and ideas. Meanwhile… (Previously: STEPping Into Salvation II) The word of God is important. More than anything else. The Bible […]

Charity In Uniform. Doris Sabina Wako.

Doris Sabina Wako is a 36-year-old Administration Police officer who is stationed in Busia county. This mother of five melted hearts online when images of her work surfaced online feeding street children. This came as a surprise to most Kenyans who are used to seeing mainstream media portraying police officers differently. When asked why she […]

Paying The Price.

It’s Thursday!!! I don’t know why ‘they’ decided to throw things back on Thursdays… I might as well throw my entire blog back 🤦🏽‍♂️ I don’t think I have posted with as much zeal of late as I used to. Goodness it has been ages! So 10 years ago, on an evening like last, I […]

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