I Have Controls.

[wpvideo ivO9LEST data-temp-aztec-id=”9661faaa-a851-4548-ad57-1d25bec16149″] Picture a plane in flight like this Boeing 737 landing in the rain courtesy of @aviation_b737. I’m just amazed at how God is keen on reminding me this morning who’s in control 🙋🏽‍♂️. Note that the captain (left) is currently flying the plane at critical point of flight (landings and take offs […]

Five Ways To Win My Heart. None Will Shock You.

“I bet I would have been more humiliated had I tried to explain myself to them in more words than “Law of attraction.” I did not remove the binoculars from my face as I focused on the Cessna 172 struggling to make a landing on that gusty afternoon on runway 07…”

Flying School: New Student Experience.

Another excited morning. I woke up early and ready to hit school. I decided not to pack a snack for lunch today. I would try finding a cheaper restaurant. The last time I had this excitement was when I had enrolled for Management classes at the Kenya Institute of Management. These classes were a suggestion from […]

Stealing a Car in Nairobi.

Previously   Another call comes through, Mr. Onkwani again. I wondered what would be bothering him now. “Hello” “Maina, fanya hivi, rudi tukutane hapa Galleria, nimekumbuka kuna kitu gari haikuwa imecheckiwa na sio vizuri uende na gari ikusumbue.” “Kuja tuangalie” “Sawa, wacha nigeuke.”  I figured whatever was in store at Rongai would wait. In fact, […]

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