My Diary

New Assignments, Fresh Networks.

Family time offers the opportunity to lead by example, demonstrating the importance of prioritizing relationships and nurturing a strong sense of unity within our households, which therefore enriches their ability to guide and care for their congregation effectively.

How I Ended up in Construction.

I am always having to explain how I ended up in the construction industry, as a construction worker and it is never an easy answer. Military friends, pilot friends, family, I could also say, it is not a straightforward answer. It is not easy because even for followers of this blog, it started off with […]

Stones & Bullets – Lucky Summer.

Thursday evening. Everything is normal. We are just enjoying our evening in the house and then I hear party chants from the compound next to ours. Well, there was banter that was clearly from what seemed like a low-key evening party. This was normal and we didn’t think anything beyond “today we won’t sleep well”. […]

Military Life: 4 Ways In.

The Kenya Defence Forces are recruiting again. The document is available online KDF recruitment details 2021. It is usually a highly anticipated season in the country as many young men look forward to enlisting and being part of an exciting career. As usual, advertisements are put up on local media as well as on the […]

Missed Turns & Traffic Snarl Ups

The best days are the ones that you end up checking off everything on the to-do list. It was one of those days where I had several sites to pass by. After the first site, which turned out fine, the second site had issues with the materials – tiles to be specific. I had to […]

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