Pilot CB

Con Games: A Story Continues.

I have found myself in a police cell… I am in the process of learning one of life’s greatest lessons on trust and mingling with wickedness (Wicked people) or something in those lines. This is how far we have come… Previously I hire a car for reasons I cannot explain better, I don’t know what […]

I Have Controls.

[wpvideo ivO9LEST data-temp-aztec-id=”9661faaa-a851-4548-ad57-1d25bec16149″] Picture a plane in flight like this Boeing 737 landing in the rain courtesy of @aviation_b737. I’m just amazed at how God is keen on reminding me this morning who’s in control πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ. Note that the captain (left) is currently flying the plane at critical point of flight (landings and take offs […]

Five Ways To Win My Heart. None Will Shock You.

“I bet I would have been more humiliated had I tried to explain myself to them in more words than β€œLaw of attraction.” I did not remove the binoculars from my face as I focused on the Cessna 172 struggling to make a landing on that gusty afternoon on runway 07…”

Flying School: New Student Experience.

Another excited morning.Β I woke up early and ready to hit school. I decided not to pack a snack for lunch today. I would try finding a cheaper restaurant. The last time I had this excitement was when I had enrolled for Management classes at the Kenya Institute of Management. These classes were a suggestion from […]

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