Story Time

Con Games: Oliver The Man from Mur Malanga.

The Story so far… By the end of the day, it seemed like, I was the friend to Oliver and his fiancée was the introduced friend. That is how our relationship began. Happily, innocently and perfectly secured. In the coming months, we would share meals, hang out, watch movies together, charity work, among others. Just […]

Catholic by Birth, Saved by Grace.

I am now saved and a believer in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord over my life. I now understand this in deeper dimensions than I used to before. As a continuation of the Stepping into Salvation series, I felt the need to talk in detail about my background. My former beliefs, my former fellowship. […]

Missed Turns & Traffic Snarl Ups

The best days are the ones that you end up checking off everything on the to-do list. It was one of those days where I had several sites to pass by. After the first site, which turned out fine, the second site had issues with the materials – tiles to be specific. I had to […]

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