For The Love of Books.

Sunny Bindra’s article “How to read 50 Books Every year” inspired this article. Books, another whole world inside the one we live. In his article, he wrote about how easy it is to read 50 books a year. I started setting book goals in 2015. I used to read, but not towards a target. Goodreads […]

The Superbikes Championship.

The Superbike Association with over a 100 members organized this one of a kind event, the first of its kind in Kenya and East Africa for on – Road sports motorcycles. Several racing teams participated in the event with over 2500 spectators and bike fanatics. The competing teams were, BlackRose Racing, Blade Doc Racing, Mans […]

The 7th Edition of the East African Community Military Games and Cultural Events 2013

 The venue of the match.  One of the banners donning the stadium. The big screen.   The KDF band, The Kenya Navy in white,The Kenya Air force in blue and the Kenya army in Red.  he match gets underway…  Ball boy 1  Ball boy 2  Ball boy 3            The Kenya Red […]

Military Sports Day.

I am high, high on endorphins that have probably come as a result of the occurrences of the past few days. In fact, as I flashed my Id at the gate as I walked in an hour and a half late, I was thinking how life is suspect. I couldn’t believe that life was going […]

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