Random Thoughts

How I Joined The Military Part V – Introduction to College

Previously In my entire life (up to that point that is) I had never seen such chaos within order. As much as there was order, chaos was everywhere… Complex, I know. Here is the thing. Over 3000 Kenyans of different origin, some tagging heavy suitcases, others with metallic boxes, others with just a paper bag […]

How I Joined the Military Part IV – College Day 1

Previously, By now, I am thinking to myself that I am the most intelligent recruit these people will make out of me. Sitting here among all these people and all I could think of was how I had sneaked out of home, and went in pursuit of my dream… Making it easier for my parents […]

Inmate Part Five – Bits & Pieces

Last Episode… So, someone texts me, “Ati what happened?” I asked her “what?” “Where have you been all this time” “Just around?” “Around where? Your Cindy told me…” “ooh, I told everyone, where were you?” “You didn’t tell me…?” “Oh really, Okay I told everyone who cared to figure it out…” I could feel the […]

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