Soldier CB

Military Life Chapter 19: Almost a Recruit.

Everything is happening so fast now. We don’t even know why we are still seated on the tarmac because it has been a while since anyone was called. Rumor has it that they have discovered another fraud case. By now we are winding up the second week. The enlistment process takes a while. There is […]

Military Life Chapter 17: 75007 Recruit Kimani.

Mathew Kimani was our course senior. Well… A course senior is a soldier – in this case a recruit who is the senior most in the room/ squad/ platoon/ company/ division or even in a troop car or a convoy or whichever the context that might be. Remember the week we sat on the tarmac […]

Paying The Price.

It’s Thursday!!! I don’t know why ‘they’ decided to throw things back on Thursdays… I might as well throw my entire blog back 🤦🏽‍♂️ I don’t think I have posted with as much zeal of late as I used to. Goodness it has been ages! So 10 years ago, on an evening like last, I […]

Stand Still!

Stand Still!!! “… Stand still… Left Hand Division! Stand Still… Right Hand Division…”  I know that reads* weird… That is one of the many military parade commands… This command has been ringing in my mind for the past one day – because it’s awesome like that! I am at a point in life where I […]

Security Guards & Flight Attendants

One is more likely to believe I have been a “guard” now than they would five years from now. Like any story from anyone who had an interesting past. This happened a few years back… It was just an ordinary Sunday Morning and we were calmly telling stories among ourselves at our post. We were […]

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