Bread Crumbs…

I don’t know why I feel like a loaf of bread, a very dry one for that matter. The brown kind that gets crumbles every passing week. I am kidding, I never kept a loaf that long. Again the bread crumbs you came here for are non existent.




Whatever happened to Facebook notes by the way? I see I had written like 56 or is it 68 & 70 drafts? (Trust me its full of nonsense). Minutes after clicking that link I have forgotten. My mind is that wasted! But I have seen one that has calmed me. I am almost crying. *Inhales deeply*. I thought I would try write an article in its raw form here. This is because of several reasons… As much as I want to write on my blog… I cannot post directly without passing it through Microsoft Office because my computer doesn’t have it. You wonder why a writer doesn’t have a word processor on his computer? I will explain in a few. But I need to write something. Anything to calm me down. I write to relieve myself. Sorry I mean stress. But I prefer a blog. Only the interested go there, and it doesn’t have the hypocrisy with Facebook.
I feel brain drained or something. Woke up at 4 am to write, I read in the mat all the way from #Eastlands to the other side of town. Was under instructions all day from various lecturers and instructors all day till four. Listened to an audio book all the way home for like an hour again from the other side of town to home. So I get into the house and try to concentrate… I have been trying to restore my machine. Someone – Cindy speaks to me and I cancel a process which I think was 75% done…? That’s when I realized I had to do something. I know what those who know me are thinking… I will sleep. You always think I am sleep deprived. I am not!
So in that confusion where I had to answer by canceling a process to Cindy what I prefer for supper, the eruption of the previous weeks and weekend baggage erupts. (Explains my last update) ha ha ha. I am yet to tell the #Pigstory. Keep calm. I have a feeling I will be an Outlier* and I don’t want people to think I bumped into my dreams and fantasies by a stroke of luck. Now that last statement is tricky. Please read it again. Thank you. Now proceed like you didn’t read that here and I will explain stuff later, if need be.


I am not writing to entertain, I am venting… I am almost done.



Why I don’t have a word processor or any other software for that matter? I deleted my OS. No, We deleted my OS, with Sanji, We spent an entire evening last night trying to find a solution for FSX – This is flight Simulator. Yes I never solved that issue, for those who remember my concerns a few months ago. We tried everything and the next step was to Format the entire thingy… Which was slotted for Thursday – That is tomorrow. We installed 3 OSes*, shrunk drives, I learnt a lot of DOS for an entire year, and other geeky stuff that I left to Sanji. (At some point we were competing in the computer world – until our lanes separated – in a good way. Its called specialization, He decided to do well in computers, and I decided to protect* him and later to supply his computers with power* – Read Electrical Engineering Student.)
So… Install OS, Fail, Install Another, fail, Shrink Disk C, fail, Format disk, Fail, Reallocate,Fail, Install another OS, I gave up and… I left his place at 2300 Hrs and it was raining (I haven’t showered, Haven’t ironed and other pre – bed activities). So here I am stressed to the point that I think a boss would be the best thing to stress me right now, after a long day absorbing Air Law and Meteorology, several chapters of an audio book, and the entire 2nd book of Timothy – Yes the one of the New Testament in my mind, I get home and I think I have no more brain left to think, except to do the subconscious stuff like, sitting on my bed like a college girl watching series on her laptop because I feel my home office is too traumatizing at this point, cancelling an installation process, re-tweeting, writing some silly article and I don’t know what else, oh yes charging my phone. Which reminds me, I left my charger and my power bank in class. That is how confused I think I am today. Or maybe I left my mind in Garissa – Jet lag. Totally legit coz I traveled on EarthPlane.
Okay, Enough for now.
Before I sign out…
Wondering what to do with FSX, which had strategically refused to accept my machine (The only gadget I lacked a name for) when I need it the most. I said I will try just one time before venting. It worked, I don’t know how! Unfortunately last night we did over 1000 actions with Sanji I am sure we cannot tell where exactly the solution is. But I know he will find out. He is my trusted and certified IT guy – You all have one.
Now, I feel relieved.


I am not going to revise this, and if I respond rudely to any of your comment, just take a glass of cold water and call someone, meanwhile, I will be waiting for Fish and Ugali, I need that brain enhancer badly!!!



Bread Crumbs…

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