Paying The Price.

It’s Thursday!!! I don’t know why ‘they’ decided to throw things back on Thursdays… I might as well throw my entire blog back 🤦🏽‍♂️ I don’t think I have posted with as much zeal of late as I used to. Goodness it has been ages! So 10 years ago, on an evening like last, I […]

Flying School: New Student Experience.

Another excited morning. I woke up early and ready to hit school. I decided not to pack a snack for lunch today. I would try finding a cheaper restaurant. The last time I had this excitement was when I had enrolled for Management classes at the Kenya Institute of Management. These classes were a suggestion from […]

Military Life: Chapter 13 – Initiation

Previously… 15thday of September 2008 – Two weeks were up! So many things have happened in between the first day and today. I will still tell that part of the story but this one is special. Somehow many of those who keep these things to heart – in a good way tend to remember the […]

Chapter 12: First Military Breakfast.

…Previously In my eagerness and riotous act to get out of bed, I stepped on manager who I think was praying or something. I expected him to get up and bark at me or even worse flatten me to the wall besides us. I was quick with my “Pole! Pole! Izah Msee!” He just raised […]

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