Military Life Chapter 18: Sharp Recruits Liam Part II

Liam called me and told me that he’s on quarantine. At the barracks all precautions are being taken to ensure that infections do not arise undetected. So when you return from your annual leave or the short days leave, you are put in isolation awaiting redeployment… Our conversation was as dramatic as usual. He always […]

Military Life Chapter 17: 75007 Recruit Kimani.

Mathew Kimani was our course senior. Well… A course senior is a soldier – in this case a recruit who is the senior most in the room/ squad/ platoon/ company/ division or even in a troop car or a convoy or whichever the context that might be. Remember the week we sat on the tarmac […]

Military Life Chapter 16: Sharp Recruits – Liam.

“…One thing I learnt from my bum was that it listened to stories too. It got entertained and the more interesting a story was, the more comfortable it was and less nagging. But the moment stories died down and there was nothing to talk about, I could feel the hard gravel pushing onto my soft […]

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