Student CB

STEPping Into Salvation IV: Pray Chris! Pray.

“… I would later realize that this deep study for the Bible was doing something to me. I was being drawn closer to God in a way I wasn’t feeling before. The life in God’s word was working on me even without me realizing it!!!” (Previously) My classes became interesting every passing moment. I started […]

Flying School: New Student Experience.

Another excited morning. I woke up early and ready to hit school. I decided not to pack a snack for lunch today. I would try finding a cheaper restaurant. The last time I had this excitement was when I had enrolled for Management classes at the Kenya Institute of Management. These classes were a suggestion from […]

For The Love of Books.

Sunny Bindra’s article “How to read 50 Books Every year” inspired this article. Books, another whole world inside the one we live. In his article, he wrote about how easy it is to read 50 books a year. I started setting book goals in 2015. I used to read, but not towards a target. Goodreads […]

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