Kirinyaga County

Catholic by Birth, Saved by Grace.

I am now saved and a believer in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord over my life. I now understand this in deeper dimensions than I used to before. As a continuation of the Stepping into Salvation series, I felt the need to talk in detail about my background. My former beliefs, my former fellowship. […]

“Praising Jesus!”

Hello people… Here is a quick one from the weekend… I started my fiancée’s Dowry rites on Saturday. Among the speeches, was this part, short but very important section… “Kwanza huyu kijana alitushangaza sana! Akitoka nyumbani kwa wazazi wake, hakuwa anasema ‘Bwana Asifiwe’ lakini sasa ata ako na ushuhuda”… Translation – (This young man here […]

Flying School: Ground School Day Two

Kirinyaga Fruits The second day. I woke up early as usual and tried working that hour before I headed for school. It seems tough having to balance school life and work life. I had an hour to spare. Today I decided I will try packed lunch. I had visited Kirinyaga over the weekend and I […]

Coffee Dates & the Need for Heat.

The cold season is (has been) here with us… It is actually ending. This is the season that sees a lazy drizzle that can last up to midday or even the end of the day in Kirinyaga. The season ends with a bang by the occurrence of a killer 8 day drizzle that goes on and on for […]

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