Love at First Note.

Sundays are usually a day I have been looking forward to, since I was younger, since the time I could walk myself to church, I could spend a lot of time on the church grounds… loved just being around church. This grew from just loving being around church grounds to loving the dancing youths… well, […]

“Praising Jesus!”

Hello people… Here is a quick one from the weekend… I started my fiancée’s Dowry rites on Saturday. Among the speeches, was this part, short but very important section… “Kwanza huyu kijana alitushangaza sana! Akitoka nyumbani kwa wazazi wake, hakuwa anasema ‘Bwana Asifiwe’ lakini sasa ata ako na ushuhuda”… Translation – (This young man here […]

A Special Time.

Thursday Morning, I woke up to check out my phone for alerts. Yes, alerts… I receive a message asking about my availability for a phone call I had been expecting since Monday. I’m like hmmm… I mean it was a continuation to a series of texts discussing the best time to pick that call. Recently […]

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