“Praising Jesus!”

Hello people… Here is a quick one from the weekend… I started my fiancée’s Dowry rites on Saturday. Among the speeches, was this part, short but very important section…

“Kwanza huyu kijana alitushangaza sana! Akitoka nyumbani kwa wazazi wake, hakuwa anasema ‘Bwana Asifiwe’ lakini sasa ata ako na ushuhuda”…

Translation – (This young man here has surprised us a great deal. When he left his Parent’s home, he wasn’t saying ‘praise Jesus,’ but now, he even has a testimony.”)

This is a comment from one of the elders supporting me last weekend. There is this belief that the city is a place of vices and evil. But Nairobi (My case) is a place of opportunities just like any other place. People are getting saved and giving their lives to Christ here as much as anywhere else on the planet. It is the same thing, anyone can destroy themselves in any other town around the country not just Nairobi or Mombasa.

Meanwhile this is an extention of the testimony that Jesus can be found/ encountered/ call you anywhere. Not just inside a church. It could be anywhere!!!. Church, class, at the market, while in hospital, rioting… Anywhere!

Salvation is amazing! Sharing my journey is a great pleasure for me. Read my salvation story here.

“Praising Jesus!”

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