Kenya Police

Stones & Bullets – Lucky Summer.

Thursday evening. Everything is normal. We are just enjoying our evening in the house and then I hear party chants from the compound next to ours. Well, there was banter that was clearly from what seemed like a low-key evening party. This was normal and we didn’t think anything beyond “today we won’t sleep well”. […]

Charity In Uniform. Doris Sabina Wako.

Doris Sabina Wako is a 36-year-old Administration Police officer who is stationed in Busia county. This mother of five melted hearts online when images of her work surfaced online feeding street children. This came as a surprise to most Kenyans who are used to seeing mainstream media portraying police officers differently. When asked why she […]

Stealing a Car in Nairobi.

Previously   Another call comes through, Mr. Onkwani again. I wondered what would be bothering him now. “Hello” “Maina, fanya hivi, rudi tukutane hapa Galleria, nimekumbuka kuna kitu gari haikuwa imecheckiwa na sio vizuri uende na gari ikusumbue.” “Kuja tuangalie” “Sawa, wacha nigeuke.”  I figured whatever was in store at Rongai would wait. In fact, […]

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