Con Games: A Story Continues.

I have found myself in a police cell… I am in the process of learning one of life’s greatest lessons on trust and mingling with wickedness (Wicked people) or something in those lines. This is how far we have come… Previously I hire a car for reasons I cannot explain better, I don’t know what […]

Breakfast in Jail.

Previously Most of my cell mates were up already and talking in hoarse voices. This was probably because of the cold cell. I was in a worse situation and I was scared I would get some bad respiratory infection courtesy of this cold. For hours with a shirt only, I was on that cold and […]

Ten Men & a Cold Police Cell.

Previously Onkwani could not just stop. “Ebu toa hizo documents uwaonyeshe!” You would think the buffoon was the OCS!   “By the way, Kijana ebu toa kila kitu, wewe ata tunafaa kuwa tukiongea ukiwa pande ile ingine.” (Referring to the side where suspects were locked up) “Mnajiona wajaja sana siku hizi.” Said one of the […]

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