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Charity In Uniform. Doris Sabina Wako.

Doris Sabina Wako is a 36-year-old Administration Police officer who is stationed in Busia county. This mother of five melted hearts online when images of her work surfaced online feeding street children. This came as a surprise to most Kenyans who are used to seeing mainstream media portraying police officers differently. When asked why she […]

CPL Simon Mumo Kyuli

Navy Dockyard. The news of the passing on of our brother a Naval Electrical Technician came barely a week after the El Adde attack. Still in distress over the loss and trying to come to terms with the loss of our soldiers, we received the news of another fallen Hero. He passed on after an […]

My First Day in Aviation.

Many probably think my first day was that first day I stepped into Wilson in 99s Flying school uniform and got into class and started the actual ground school classes. No. My first day in flying school started 12 years ago. Trust me. It has been such a long time coming and I am still […]

How I Joined the Military Part IV – College Day 1

Previously, By now, I am thinking to myself that I am the most intelligent recruit these people will make out of me. Sitting here among all these people and all I could think of was how I had sneaked out of home, and went in pursuit of my dream… Making it easier for my parents […]

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