Con Games: A Story Continues.

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I have found myself in a police cell… I am in the process of learning one of life’s greatest lessons on trust and mingling with wickedness (Wicked people) or something in those lines.

This is how far we have come… Previously

I hire a car for reasons I cannot explain better, I don’t know what I was thinking though. Then I get embroiled in a scandal of sorts or let’s call it a bad case of mistaken identity. I wouldn’t have anticipated this in any way. I carry on with life like a good boy. I have tried my best to be self reliant and faithful but it reaches a point I cannot do it anymore alone. (As I write this I recall that I don’t remember myself praying at any of those points and if I did. I prayed a very short prayer) I call my friend and he is quick to sort me out. (Young came around with his wife, The Banker and The Engineer helped me raise the bail) Well… What would you do when you are in a police cell with no hope of leaving… 🤔Coming to think of it, I now think I should have just allowed myself to spend there and then since there would be no charges, they would release me the following day. Eeeh😔. But with a shirt only, I wouldn’t have survived the freezing Karen weather. Add a damp police cell to the mix…

Man from Masimba claims that I wasted his time yesterday yet he was the one who had actually wasted both our time and literally my money. I had missed a cross-country flight to Narok and Amboseli that I had booked two weeks prior and for this I was fined. Today was another potential similar case. I hadn’t called the flight scheduler to cancel my booked flight. Again I didn’t want to appear like a criminal at my flying school and cancel my flight with that reason. If the KCAA learnt of this they would probably cancel my Airport Passes. I mean to this day many see me as a crook. For many reasons. Especially my former superiors, my goodness! I am not struggling to change that. The Lord is having his way. I thank him for restoring my shine. I return from the washrooms and on my way back I make sure I gave a longer than usual glance and a ‘mini-wink’ to Ess the beautiful waitress who directed me to the restrooms. This one I would love to befriend.

So… I’m a prime suspect in a car theft deal that I am not even part of. Maybe I’m the one who’s the fish in a police – civilian con game. I wouldn’t know. I was just flowing. One side of me was super angry about the whole thing but I remained calm. While seated with Mr & Mrs Onkwani, I loosened up and at some point my lamb heart overtook the assassins heart and I started listening to him. I was already considering of inviting them for coffee again and spike their drink on my way to the restrooms. He used his wife as his audience but I knew he was telling me this story instead. You know how you can be speaking to someone but the intention is for the third person in the room to hear that? He told her of a similar incident which he had “managed” to catch the guy – real superman of him. He didn’t know his intentions but the bottom line was that the guy “planned to steal”. Here was his narrative of his last encounter. In my mind I was like… “This man is telling his wife this story now? What do they talk about at the end of the day?”

A guy by the name Calvin approaches him in need of a car. He seems a genuine guy too. The guy was also a pilot – or so he claimed. His documents checked out. All of them checked out. Turns out Calvin had a friend who was also a pilot and who was also within his area code with similar looks – I didn’t get this part either. During the processing of airport passes and related documentation to access various areas of the airport, Calvin is the man who was the runner for these services for various firms. Agent is the best term that would describe this. So as an agent, Calvin had a variety of documents within his disposal. On this occasion he had Atleast 2 documents for his pawn. So he handed these documents of a certain Lawrence. Calvin went ahead to hire a car using the documents of Lawrence. Everything including the driving license. However, the part that Lawrence messed up in his schemes is that while giving the contact people, he gave real contact people. During the vetting, the calls didn’t add up. (This sounds similar to my friend being asked if I had a wife) But he had already left with the vehicle by the time the whole thing was discovered. After two days of running around with the car… Calvin returned the car to Mr Onkwani and said that he didn’t have his own documents and he needed a car. What nonsense!!! These are the guys who actually get shot at in a hot pursuit and then their people cry on their graves saying they were nice people. I wouldn’t also report it as a soft theft but a robbery. Well… Show me where the Flying Squad or special crimes unit arrested someone over coffee.

Explained this way… I sort of understood Mr. Onkwani’s concerns. He was making a lot of sense. Ofcourse, not everything was adding up. I was also a little scared because I had a feeling that the Calvin he was talking about was someone I knew. And in real sense wasn’t even a pilot. But indeed he worked at Wilson or So I believed. I had already started doubting myself. But I did not show it. For a moment I was lost in thought.

“So unaonaje maneno ya hio mia mbili?”

I told him to forget about it. It wasn’t going to happen. We argued, he tried to bargain, and I was all irritated and getting worse every passing moment. The wife was just there seated and looking at us like we were discussing a very important business deal. I didn’t get it. I really didn’t. I thought the wife was there to act as a second voice of reason for this seemingly unreasonable man. I had gathered my own intel and it turned out that this guy was also a political aspirant back at his rural home. Its why I was looking at him with a smiley face. He was funny… So he wanted to fund his campaign with what he thought was loads of money I had. I mean, a soldier, a student pilot, a young business man… He ought to have much right? And I believe this is what made his wife look at me with the eyes that she was giving me. She was pretty young and any smart man would tell a woman whose look at him with intentions bigger than the business on the table. See… I was just enjoying the drama this husband of hers had brought and she may have been a little more comfortable than normal because she interpreted my facial expressions as admiration for his man…

Little did she know that all I wanted to do was hit him hard against the wooden backrest on the couch he was on and watch him slowly bleed to unconsciousness. I came back to my senses and this time round… I shivered (It was really cold) and this tremor was evident enough to the couple seated across  me. The Juice was done and he asked for the bill. Ess the waitress promptly delivered the bill. “I like this girl already.” I told Mr Onkwani to go and think about it. He said he didn’t need to think about it. He had already forgiven me and so I could go to the police station and get my documents.

People… This is why we were here, I needed to get him to drop whatever charges he intended to raise against me in court so that I could get my documents back. I wasn’t so interested in seeing the wife. She didn’t matter. The police station had everything… Like everything… Including my airport pass and my flying licence… They stood up to leave. I asked him what he wanted with my documents and he said he doesn’t have any need of them so I could go get them at the police Station.

To be continued…

Con Games: A Story Continues.

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