Inmate Part Five – Bits & Pieces

Last Episode…
So, someone texts me,
“Ati what happened?”
I asked her “what?”
“Where have you been all this time”
“Just around?”
“Around where? Your Cindy told me…”
“ooh, I told everyone, where were you?”
“You didn’t tell me…?”
“Oh really, Okay I told everyone who cared to figure it out…”
I could feel the anger, or what was it welling up inside me. This is one person who was eager into liking this story updates on Facebook, as if I am a fictional writer. Happens they never read. & so I *caught* – ha ha, if you know what I mean.
“Yes, I wrote it for all to see, so if you just liked the links to the story, it’s up to you. You missed out on the main show.” “But what you heard is true…”
Of course I continued chatting with her insolently (God forgive me).
So I was thinking to myself, in a treacherous world, the only way to let out personal life’s drama is personally; on my blog. Like it or not, this is the perfect vent.
FYI, I was released sometimes back and I started a totally new life, that is still a shocker to many… However, I still had unfinished business.
Now that we all know that I was not for the pity that was coming by my way, I had a few things in mind, one being, why would be people concerned at this point? I was not having any feeling about this.  I can say I was blank about everything, I had found my peace in the weirdest of places. Here. So after the introductory what are you here for chit chat we retire to bed. I was however used to making a few calls on the grounds making calls to people that I really cared about at the time. They were ordinary conversations and nothing about the incarceration. I then got to bed. It was on the floor with a thin mattress off course, reminding me that I also needed to replace my own back at my pad. I did not have a net this day and you can imagine the party the bloody mosquitoes held on my poor face and hands. I was not really moved by them until after 3am when I lost my sleep and I started feeling the buzz ad the stings of the bloody suckers. I covered up and after an hour or so of deep thought, I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up around 6am. I did not know where to go, so I decided to go back to bed. But just before I could tuck again, I was called and I was given a broom and I was shown my area of responsibility for my community service errand of the day. It was part of the “deal” so I figured I just needed to obey. It was the easiest way to having an easy way here I figured. So sweeping and washing it was.
I then returned to the grounds and read pieces of paper and random articles from the newspapers that were lying around there. I got bored and took to the walls. I read the graffiti that was on the walls and I admired some of the talent on those walls. Some I wondered how they could get to such high points on the walls. They couldn’t even climb over the wall but they could write on such spots. It was just awesome. I will lie if I tell you I did not write mine somewhere as well. One of my new friends told me that writing on prison walls is like a curse that calls you back there. I didn’t wanna care at the moment, I need to come show my kids here some day J that is if they will not fill it up in the future.

There is this arm chair that is an own design. It is a thought chair of sorts. I sat on it later and I had I shared a few thoughts with myself. Some good and some bad, some creative and others destructive. How I would escape if I needed to, how and where I would engrave my graffiti, or if it would be necessary, how I need to change the current path which I am on in terms of my career, I considered handing in the resignation letter I drafted in Nov 2012… a lot was really churning inside me. This train of thought was interrupted by invitation to a game of poker, which I again declined.

Wake up work breakfast bum lunch bum supper bum sleep wake up… the cycle. The cycle that was cleansing me, helping me get accustomed to the radical step I was about to take. Phew! Cleansing me off, like the last straw of the nightmare that had turned of my plan c into the aviation passion that so boils inside. Concerned friends are still nagging for a visit. I don’t need the pity, its pissing and draining at the same time. They do not have a clue about what I am about to do really, rather what I had to do for this had to happen. Again, clueless. Those who found the wardens I hadn’t briefed to block anyone from seeing me on duty, managed to come through, they managed to act strong but at some point they still bulked to their own pressure and poured out the very feelings that I avoided. Two cartoons from my class came over, with enough snacks to last me a month and we have been biting biting as the days go by.
Sundays are spent taking in the residue sounds that come over the walls; praise and worship from one corner, crazy drumming from another, another loud pastor from some corner, the familiar catholic songs… It is a busy neighborhood on Sundays. All religions represented in one way or another. Again visitations, so those who had friends to see visited. Best day for some. This family getting tighter. Poker was played, stories told, jokes cracked, cigarettes smoked, and when evening came, we watched a movie. This plus my phone is what has got people baffled. A fair of them saying we are the very cons who lie to people and cheat them off their hard earned money. No mine is purely for entertainment and blogging oh, and movies and nobody has received a message from me claiming they have won in a mysterious Uchumi raffle or any other crappy stuff.
I have no jail selfie, for those requesting my selfie in jail, I won’t, but I will be getting one shot from someone who had to take a photo of me in that state. It’s the best I can do :-). Again I think I am tired of telling this story, I am thinking of pulling the plug and get back to venting with other stuff. I am still thinking though.

You didn’t expect me to give you the background of that right? Good.
Meanwhile that was among my reads while in “Hawaii”
Have a nice day.

Inmate Part Five – Bits & Pieces

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