Inmate Part Four – "The State of The Inmate"

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Since we have established the situation I am in is more Hawaii than Alcatraz in nature, nothing is shocking us as the days go by. We really have some weird privileges here, which is why the development of this account has been more fruitful than I expected. As much as I try to avoid the mainsteam media, I still get to receive the bitter bits of the state of the nation. My condolences to the souls and families of those who perished in the grisly act at the Coast.
The state of the inmate.
He is doing great besides the soreness on his right shoulder, chest and wing area. It was a mystery why one side should be aching this much. It did not hit me until later. The Hawks… Feeding the hawks. The recently discovered and extremely exciting pass time is to be blamed for the soreness of the muscles surrounding that area. Being a bird that rarely touches the ground, the hawk only comes closest to the ground when coming to pick its meal. Due to the culture around this place, they will be seen gliding above the grounds over mealtimes and after we are done with our bones and fatty remnants of beef in our plates, throwing these pieces proves a worthy activity so the day before yesterday, I over did it. And here we are now. It is like I did push-ups & dips with one arm.
// Health wise he is doing fine, besides random nose blockages from the cold evening and morning breeze that vanishes as fast as it came. The teeth are becoming bothersome of late. Chewing of hard stuff, I guess. Like tough chunks of meat. Again the water is so cold. The sensitivity sends me to my knees and it is inevitable. Wish there was a way to warm my drinking water. I haven’t noticed any weight change but I hear my skin is lighter. (I got no proof) however, there is a notable change in the quantity of facial hair in its responsible places. It is too itchy at times. I like it that way though. I have noticed a *ringwormish development on my inner left thigh. That sure worries me. The mosquito bites on my hands are clear by morning and that is no big issue. Feeding has become an issue as the days go by. My appetite is on a steady decline the evening meals especially. Deteriorated to a few pieces of meat (Yesterday we had it roasted) and my usual mug of coffee. I figure it could be the side effects of reduced water intake resulting to under digestion resulting to constipation and bloating resulting to a reduced appetite. My body feels fine though. I do not need anything so far. I am still strong *winks*.
He is still reading and writing. Nothing syllabus related though. Random articles, this series, old articles, books and tweets (Counts right?). The books currently on his table made of egg trays are the diary and Robert Kiyosaki’s Before You Quit Your Job. Second reading. The rest are selected online articles and the social media timelines included.
He has still not allowed people to visit him besides the normal toughs that cannot be barred access.  It is just impossible, Kowalski, Young, Renie, Mush & Joj. They walk in & walk out in this complex the way they want and this place always goes crazy whenever any is around. God knows why Kowalski & Young for instance will never get free time at the same time. Each comes alone. Otherwise, Kowalski, Young and Captain in one area at the same time need security to ensure order prevails. Anyway, it is only that he does not want this mentality of sympathy all around him. “They come to turn my little heaven into a cemetery and a mini cry and wail party he says” He figured from his experience that he has a tough time encouraging those who came to visit. He feels fairly that his rejuvenation and rehab is greatly under threat when mental attitudes differing from those of his with more sympathy. He had to stop. This causes a lot of disagreement though.
Last but not least, this was the ceremonial article in exam room edition. He is sitting for his examinations. In prison yes. As his culture dictates, there has to be at least one article written while in the exam room and in this case, “The State of the Inmate” was created during the 3 hr period of paper 2601/304M – Power Electronics, Machines & Utilization. Before you choke from surprise; in a prison where, hawks are fed, visitation program determined by the inmates and blogging is allowed depending on the level of sharpness; exams are done as well as other crazy things.

With 15 minutes to time, the middle leaf is plucked from the main answer sheet and handed to the invigilator. I will use this to think about something…

Next Episode.

Inmate Part Four – "The State of The Inmate"

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