Love or Like

Cont. . .

“It’s not Love Baby . . . !”

“Okay (pause) F*** I did not just call you that!”
“Oh ye you did!!!”
“Liam laughed like he had never before. I thought it must be the stress he was venting. But true I had called him baby (The term slipped, I totally didn’t mean it!) We were arguing about all this women issues in our lives.
It was as a result of too much use of the term of late. I was trying to tell the difference between love and like, in my way we started arguing about who between the first chick and the second chic is truly loved in any particular circumstance. I held to the point that it’s the second who is loved. For chics am not sure. They always have a lot of things to compare when choosing the guy to be with. Yeah to be with. Few do love for real. Life Experience. I just could not believe that was the Liam I used to know. Again it had been a long time since we talked. This was the best we could do. 4 hours into it and yet we had not spoken anything else. We also have business ventures together but this heart issue which was amusing to some extent had kept us really occupied. So he was pleased to learn that most probably he ‘loved’ Sue, and Serena is who she liked . . . but for this long? As in over two years and when somebody else comes in, it becomes a case of like. This world is crazy for real. He tried bringing up the issue of Mercy and I. I avoided it to the best of my ability. He asked me how I managed to keep it that long almost perfectly. I told him it’s the level I was at. With real Love, that is possible. I noted his wide mouth from the side of my eyes coz I was not looking directly at him. We were looking at the two floors beneath our feet at Shoppers. I love plazas. There is always a lot of people and things to look at. Guys vybing chicks, chicks asses and all that stuff.  
“You will die of asses CB!” Liam said.
“And you . . .”
I stopped myself short when I realized that what I was about to say was as easy to happen to me as would have happened to anybody else.
He suddenly changed the topic and went to my weight.
“I have noted you have lost some. . .”
“What?” He is used to bullying me about my Mental State.
“Weight you dweeb!”
“Oh. . . Really?”
“Yeah, you have really slimmed!” “What’s up?”
“It’s. . .” He cut me short
“When did you last visit the VCT Center?”
“You son of a . . . Come on, I was tested just the other week!”
“It’s not disease! meeen!”
“I have been stressed of late, school work, business is driving me crazy. . .”
“And I have not been feeding well of late. This ambition is gonna kill me don’t say, I know.”
“Lemmi believe you.” Said Liam
It was true, I was clean yeah. It’s not a matter of unprotected promiscuity but, I grew this obsession of pricks, and needles. Goes hand in hand with the love of letting blood out for a worthy cause. . . War and Blood donation 😉
Every time I mention the VCT center everybody freaks out. Many coz they can’t believe I would be of that type to get tested, Kwani who is viable for testing? I noticed Liam’ unwilling nod, it was a contented one coz I could see in his eyes he wouldn’t love the idea of a dead CB or AID~ed one for that matter. 
A guy came selling smokies and we bought like 3 each, they were not just smokies, he sliced them in half and put a mix of fluids and stuff that made the smokie look like the inside of a Hot dog, How I wished it was. . .
Bruno Mars played from a distance and hummed for a while before I realized it was my phone ringing.
Oh yeah, Mercy. “Guess I have to go now Li,”
“We meet kesho to finish this up. . .  It’s quite a lot you know.”
“Last time you said that you went to South Africa for those flying refreshers of yours for 4 months”
“I will be back, C mn!”
“Remind me to tell you about the External Chocolate experience, next time”
“CB ebu come check out this chic I was telling you about. . . “
I did not turn back coz he was lying! As always.
Love or Like

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