Pregnant and No Longer in Love.

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“CB do you still talk the way you used to, like back in college?”
“How did I talk?” I asked  
“Those thought and tough lectures?”
“Really! Did I do that?” “I wasn’t aware. . . “
“Get serious CB I need one of them right now”
From a guy like Liam this was serious and most guys’ stories are almost similar . . .  so I tried to avoid the lecture I wasn’t qualified to give.
“What’s up? We can discuss it right? Or I can listen for that matter.”
“I used to be in a relationship with this chic before I joined the Military Academy, Actually I gave you this story before but you weren’t too attentive, or I dint want you to get the story . . . Okay, I have mentioned her once. After we graduated I came back home and we stayed for a few months together. Since the long duration had derailed us in some way, we had dropped some levels below. But we still classified ourselves a couple . . .”
Something came up and a friend of theirs got pregnant and another friend texted my buddy Liam’s girlfriend and told her that Liam had impregnated that chic. The poor lady was far and could not prove the case. So Sue broke up with Liam, over the issue vowing never to talk about it or discuss it in any way again since that was a non- negotiable vice in the coupling scene. Mild infidelity a bit negotiable but infidelity plus pregnancy? Never!!! So that was that and Sue flew off to South Africa for studies. She was forgotten.

After a few months later, Serena came into Liam’s life. Life went well for them and they ended up in a very serious relationship. Marriage – potential relationship. A few more months and Serena and Liam became parents in waiting. Serena was pregnant. Liam was totally in love and everything was going smoothly for them. 

The world is a very small place and as far as Sue was, news reached her that the lady that Liam had alledgedly “Impregnated” was not really made pregnant by him. She investigated the issue since she wanted to justify herself that she was cheated on, and that Liam was not a good guy at all and that she ended the relationship fairly (There is some aspect of Heroism when people end a relationship that I am yet to understand – I think it’s stupid though). The pregnancy, a full grown baby now belonged to her employer; she used to work at a mobile money transfer outlet. This brought back the memories of what a great guy she threw to the trash, shamefully. So that guilt got her into a search for his innocent ex. And she found him.
Liam was found yes, and after a lot of debating he convinced her to meet him (He never changes, once a hunter always a hunter). They met and as you would guess flames were rekindled and what followed was a transition of a set mind. Liam having been the one, who was broken, was long healed by time and once again (according to him) he brought the lady into focus once again. According to him she has grown to love Sue again, or he unearthed the feelings he had for her.
Serena on the other hand is now 7½ months pregnant and unaware of an existing third party. But nothing has happened yet to Liam and Sue as yet, physically that is. But Serena has noted that Liam has been distant of late. This is bringing issues to a potential family.
The big issue now is. He is “convinced” he loves Sue, Serena is pregnant, and he is not into Serena anymore. Personally I never saw him this confused about this stuff but this time round . . . He is Lost for real.
Love, Commitment, Trust, Happiness, Contentment, an unborn child . . . What really matters?
What are his options really?

(He “forgave” me in advance to post a series about him . . . Interesting Character this one.)

To be Continued . . .

Pregnant and No Longer in Love.

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