She was as innocent as she seemed
The first time I concluded it as pride
Same as the second time
Then I decided to strike. Softly
It didn’t work, guess my approach was bad.
I let it go at that. There exists a next time
From my view point I kept staring
Or was it ogling? I am not sure, wouldn’t be
For her beauty, & innocence would not allow
Was I going crazy? Could it be real?
Why her of all the ladies in the room,
Having never spoken a word, and still
I decided to search for a reason
A reason to eliminate her from my fantasies
First approach, first tense stupid words,
Couldn’t stop thinking about it
Rejection did not work, she invited the play
Second approach, three days later,
But with every crazy step,
A withdrawal of fear and tension
Happens all the time with beauty.
Guess it’s my ever weird case.
Just four words? Damn! Am I for real?
I mean three days to rebuild courage
And yet, all I could afford was this!?
“Hi, Nice day . . . Bye”
That was stupid enough for the day.
I retired, spent the rest of the day
The better part of the evening
Strategizing, tomorrows approach has to work
It has to be just a bit clever. Just a bit.
Or at least I should try my best.
Heart pumping, sweat breaking,
“Hi, can I buy you lunch today?”
 Perfect icebreaker, I guess. Really?
Seemed ages to get that answer.
Let’s wait together. Because, I . . . I . . .
I guess it’s easier for me that way.

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