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After looking forward to the mini – college experience I decided to start writing about the class that I enjoyed most. We have different categories of groups here. They are based on different interests, classes, tribes, neighborhoods, age and other weaker social similarities.


I will start with my kind. Ahem,  The all weather person. Socializing with everybody. To the amazement of the immature who had already categorized me in the higher class. Their class that is. This is the fresh from high school “cool guys” who have a very high regard of themselves and a different class of social and various values. So I position myself at the extreme back of the class where I can get to say hi to everybody who gets in class and get to know them. Plus disturbing them. Its not always a good thing. Depending on who is who we can even spend more that 5 minutes on chit chat. The back line is for the crossbreed of silent, hyper kind of. It’s easier to leave a class from the position if the lecturer gets boring enough. It has all tribes so the “group language” is Kiswahili. Quite a team.
On the extreme back left is a group of the silent ladies. In my opinion, note; my opinion, they are there because of their own choice. Nobody has put them there. They are just two but a great team, diversified in locality. So their language is Kiswahili. They rarely socialize. At their position it’s rare to know they are part of that class. Some small research led to the belief that few of their classmates know of their existence. It’s true. But the two know everybody. Including their names! Hmmm
Then we have the mothers. They are around six. They are the eldest in the class. Find quite a hard time understanding the behavior of the younger generation in their midst. The only “weirdness” in it is that they are from one community. Did I mention I don’t like all this communal grouping? Yeah, I mean after 07 we should all have learnt a lesson by now. This gives people a bad picture. Especially in a place like this where Kenya’s youth is meeting to achieve a common purpose – intellect. From my position, I can tell the direction of their gossip. Funny thing is at that age. The gossip tactics are still the old generation so you can tell who or what they are talking about. Again the exposure of my career to different local languages. Funny world.
Next we meet another group. Another community. By themselves they stay and they have their small world revolving around them. Nothing much to say about them but apart from the fact that they have a common tongue, they are great friends. Only that I cannot sit at that position. Its too fore.
Then we meet a bit of diversity. This is more encouraging. Everybody is here. Stories go round. And it’s a perfect fit for a person like me. There is less fear of someone blurting in their local language to their neighbor, who you are discussing something with.  It’s quite an irritating and insulting trait by the way. You don’t expect us to be talking as fellow countrymen then you start talking in your language here! That’s an insult! That’s so 07!!! They are a bit upgraded, to some extent. And current for that matter. Only thing is they are all ladies.
Then the front section is for the serious. As usual. I used to sit at the front some times back. In those motivational , meetings where your confidence is so  vital! Again you have to show the facilitator that they are making good progress. I am making good progress. There is no much story telling here, just the normal questions, “When is the make up class?” “Did you attend . . .” “Help me with your Economics book” “Please explain a bit whatever concept,” and blah and blah. Nothing much to write back. They only answer the sum questions and direct answers questions. Apparently their confidence is not as fore as their sitting positions. It’s we at the back that are always suggesting stuff . . . and answering the hardest of queries. Hmmm even their friendship bonds there are not that strong. Then we have the mid section to the right. The higher evolution. My term. These are the guys who have managed to maintain an odd clique. The “Cool” but not so cool. You get? Yeah, here the talk is in low tones gossiping about the asses and the people in the room. As usual rating them in terms of fashion ability or hype, popularity and all that other shitty stuff we do at late 19 & early 20. But there is the irregular raise of voice when we get to discuss car preferences regarding a vehicle seen on a prerecorded sports car program in a local station viewed years ago on pay TV. Then the fashion shoes and clad as always. Then the success or failure stories. This is the same group you expect to hear talking of a presumed “achievement” to get a beautiful girl to maintain conversation for like 5 minutes. Any girl who passes as disinterested gets all forms of insults and weird descriptions.  Snob, proud, and all the others.
Slightly behind that group we have a mixture of characters but my quick conclusion gives me the mature, a few men and a few ladies. Yeah. Here they interact with anyone, at anytime, stories are as genuine reality, and their stories are generally the developing kind. An adult would easily fit in this group. On closer observation they hold a higher concentration index than most of the students. Most in this group are either working, or are in their part time concentration. Spending their long campus holidays doing something creative or even maybe part time/ work at home kind.
Then we have the jokers’ corner. Here we have a selected few, who still think their parents will be there forever. Too proud to pronounce that they are there because they cannot handle staying at home. We rarely attend class here. They are there just because the parent can afford to force them to class. As they await a decision on a future career, which probably wont come, since the family business lies in wait. The bag attends all the classes strapped to the back of the chair from morning to evening. All that is done is socializing, gossiping and running up and down the hall ways with old fashioned pick up lines like “Where have we met before?” and running to tell your clique of what an achievement you have made by chatting up that lady. Time is also spent watching movies or playing computer games in the abandoned classes with the normal chit chat. . . nothing new just stuff from the previous day.
Then we have my kind. On my right is my kind, again. To my left goes a Sudanese, on my front left r 2 Maasais and front right a Kisii & a Kalenjin.  The social circle is even weirder I chat and talk heartily with everybody including those labeled old fashioned and not so hip. I talk to everybody including the married mothers in the midst, who somehow tend to be by themselves. The loud and the silent. It’s like a politician of sorts. The first lady I ever talked to that class was a Kale. It wasn’t bad. But immediately the fear of a new environment was taken away from me, I became wild. People who hadn’t spoken to others since they started the year wondered how I was doing it. Pure interest. I was in an exchange program of my own.
Then there is the classification in terms of seriousness. We have the genuinely serious like me. Life fucked me up, frustrated me, got into the job sector, realized there are no enough credentials, harassed by those who think they are well off academically, have seen younger come and get promoted on your watch, courtesy of a simple certificate or paper. So in short you have to study and study real hard. A better future is on the sights here. Having this in mind, am for the self employment goal and diligence in investments. That’s why I am here. So as much as am joking around, I have to work hard. And the joking is partly because I never experienced that life, and because somehow I have to relax to accommodate more.
We have the genuinely serious, for the purpose of passing. Good papers better job, makes dad and mum happy, makes my family proud, better example to siblings, my spouse happy. This group has to work hard. There is no plan B.
Then we have another, I have a job, am doing this to secure a promotion. So whether I pass or not, as long as I have the papers I have a better position to be the company supervisor blah blah. . .
Then we have the sponsored all are sponsored yes, but I have to pass because someone sacrificed a lot to see me here, husband, wife, brother, sister. . .
Then we have the pastimes, here they are because somebody said I should do this as I wait for the next big thing in terms of a more prestigious course etc.
Then we have the double dealers. Major course in a major campus but this second one as a relative to the bigger course. Where it will see you apply the knowledge as an entrepreneur. This is smart I must admit. It’s also done during the holidays when the rest of the campus mates are busy enjoying themselves. This is the group that will most likely give you a few tips on the life on the outside for real. That is in the college sector.
Then we come back to those who sit back at the extreme rear. With spikes of concentration and most of the times are in their own world thinking of what will be on the opening page of their blog. They also scan for behaviors in class that create an idea for their blog… then here are them. The likes of Kriscalf.
New Student

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