Life Goals – Road Goals

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Enter 2016 and Ben is graduating, 
for a month now we have been arguing about this
about his graduation. He doesn’t wanna graduate!!!
He doesn’t want to attend the graduation I mean…
How can he not look forward to throwing that cap…
what do they call it? I have never graduated,
so I don’t know. But I have posed in numerous photos
wearing my friend’s gowns and etc. Hmmmm.
I would want to graduate too, Maybe Someday
But here he doesn’t wanna travel all the way to Meru
Distance, he says, boredom, fatigue, crowds,
“But we will be there for you!!!”
He had to finish what he started
and so did we.
We had to finish what we started 4 years ago.
All three of us, ‘individually’ but still as a team,
These dreams had to be achieved
and this had to be crowned by his graduation
and so it had to happen
and so it will happen.
and this is how it will happen.
Captain Out!

Make sure you watch the video.
Otherwise it wont make sense.

Life Goals – Road Goals

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