Total Motor Show 2013 – Photos

Subaru, Subaru Forester, Forester, Motor Show, Nairobi Motor show.
This time round, I will not even label (@Kriscalf) my photos… I just feel I could have done better with that camera, with a brighter mindset.
Again I missed very many car makers in that hall, just enjoy the few here…

W’ll start with my dream brand…












The Mercedes CLS 500’s V8 Engine & the Ksh 20,000,000,/- liability on wheels.











TheJeep Compass.

Kababy Powerful… Jeep Wrangler






























Someday I’m gonna have these in my fleet… 

These just drive me crazy…
Fully Loaded I tell you…





The VW training unit. Engine & Chassis.





The clip of the Back hoe will be uploaded later on.
Enjoy your week.

Total Motor Show 2013 – Photos

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