Sue & Serena

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As time went by, what was turning out as a possible emotional disaster started turning out differently. Love is weird for real. Liam went ahead and entertained Sue* the pregnancy would not be made an issue; he had to follow the heart. So he welcomed the idea of challenging his manhood and bracing himself to choose between the two. Serena on the other hand was too instinctive and she had already started taking emotional precautions to brace herself for the impending break up or separation.
Liam on the other hand was under pressure from Sue. It turns out their story was more than just a pregnant M-Pesa lady. Liam confessed that they had disagreed and separated on two other occasions, so if they were going to hook up this time round, it would be a fourth one. That’s the far they have come. Unless the separation was the petty issued one, such disagreements is the kind that put a strong bond in a relationship. Unless infidelity was the issue, and some stupid lies, the kind of putting previous undeletable pasts under the covers like existence of children with an ex. There’s another very important fact that should be tabled on their relationship; Sue was a virgin, still . . .
Fast forward to now and Liam is reluctant to do the necessary as he is afraid of breaking the lady’s virginity and breaking her heart in the process. That is after she gets to know the truth that Liam is convinced he should not disclose. At least not yet. The longer I was getting to stay with this guy, the more I was getting convinced that he loved Sue in the realest form. I had already hypothesized and delivered it to my thoughts that, the reason Sue was still in love with this guy was because the previous break ups with Liam did not include any loss in dignity or something close to that. Liam on the other hand also put it across that the reason he was quick to entertain her into his life was because he thought she had already tasted life outside there, some guy(s) had already done with her and she was coming as a lady who has gone through the bitter parts of life’s lessons. Liam lost his mind when he realized that she was still a virgin. She previously hated virgins for the whole job to get to that territory. Easy to examine, yet so hard to graduate. But this new version of Liam had feelings, he didn’t want to break it then he becomes the ultimate greatest mistake Sue would ever make in life.
I could not come up with a sensible explanation as to why he had changed this way . . . Maybe it was love after all.
“So what happens to the kid?” I eagerly asked.
“To be frank that I don’t know it’s my greatest Dilemma. I’m not even sure that’s my kid!”
“And all this time, whose kid have you been thinking is inside there?”

“I have been having my doubts”

To be Continued . . .

Sue & Serena

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