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Liam calls her cousin
“Hi, where are you at the moment, If I may ask?”
“Am at Meru, What’s up?”
“Would you by any chance be in the company of Serena?”
“I hate to disappoint you but am not with her at the moment. She is in Mombasa, last I checked.”
“And when was that?”
“I think the day before yesterday, yesterday, yeah it was yesterday in the morning.”
“Okay thanks, will keep in touch”
Liam dialed Serena’s number and it was off at that moment. So he used Mr. 50’s number again. And she picked straight away.
“So why are you fooling around with my intelligence?”

“Your cousin is in Meru and you are in Mombasa? How the hell did you get to Mombasa and last we talked you had no plans of traveling to Mombasa for whatever reasons and again you are just not in Mombasa, you are with your 50 yr or older friend, who I thought was just a friend. Am guessing you introduced me to him to gauge and value me to know what kind of a guy you will be losing or rather what kind of a guy he is sharing a girl with!!! Huh?”

“Baby . . .”
“I am beyond baby, go ahead and get what you don’t get from me and continue being what you are!!!”
Liam was disappointed, really? I had to confirm it was disappointment, you are not heart broken? I don’t think so. So this explains why you became conqueror in the northern frontier huh? OMG. Liam had revealed why he had so changed suddenly. He had started sleeping with any beautiful and decent girl he crossed paths with. He so encouraged me and we became each others right hand men . . . Its not easy to live knowing that your girlfriend has been sleeping with, servicing, or being serviced by a 50 year old. We got a taste of every village we passed through. Men are rare in those areas; most are away looking for pasture, so … LIfe is unfair…
This would also bring me to almost believe that, he was not in love with this chic. The simplest heart break comes from a cheating spouse or partner. He was not the least broken by this just disappointed. Reason being he had stayed pure since we entered the frontier. But this had changed. Sex became the first pastime.
Then funny story number two.
As we were in the bush lands securing the nation. Serena was busy learning to swim. Liam was so amused by this when we returned because she left an aqua phobic girlfriend! He however was keen enough to note that a former friend of hers was in contact with her, this particular friend was a swimmer and they had grown pretty close. He always appeared in conversations in such deep way that when Serena suggested a swimming weekend, Liam was taken aback when he realized he wouldn’t be bonding with his girlfriend since she had already invited the swimmer friend to accompany them. He did not overreact as much he let it go. Like is so earning the points here over love. I should have so caused!!! Nature wouldn’t tell a better story.
So Liam was in a relationship with a girl he liked. I would not disagree, there is enough proof. Personally we laugh it off when my age mates tell me of sexual escapades with over 40 year olds. That’s friendship pure. There is the normal lecture that I would normally give coz its not only bad, weird and filthy but also to show them that it’s not too much a fashion trend as they tend to think it is. Neither am I listening to it because I entertain it. I have to get ideas . . .
In this dilemma Liam is wondering what steps to take. He does not want to lose Sue this fourth time and he is unsure of what to do with their unborn. Who is yet to be confirmed is his, Mr. 50’s or the swimmer’s.

He however decided to let it easy on Serena and tell her that there exists someone else who he is in love with. Serena was not the least surprised. But she was quick to tell him to put in consideration his child. He also told Sue that there existed another one . . . minus the unborn child issue. So Serena told him she expected a made up mind. She would not call to follow up. He would call to break whatever the decision he had made. Sue was also on standby and on site. How to break the remaining part of the story that he had a baby coming up was still un-plotted. Again he was afraid he would not handle taking the innocence away of someone who totally loved him.

To Be Continued. . .

An Older Guy

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