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I couldn’t understand why he had changed all of a sudden. He was starting to get excited about the fact of becoming a dad. But it was diminishing as the days went by. Or he was just putting a show for the sake of the relationships stability? I do not know to this moment. But after some time, he told me some unknown truths that really escalated his doubts as he retold the story. Then I started reconnecting past occurrences with his story and I was like Oh M G!!! so that’s why?
The first sad story (Historical Event) was how he was unsure of Serena’s ways. This started about on an easy weekend where during the usual meet and greet sessions of the couple, they happened to meet a friend of Serena. An old friend. We are talking of the kind that we call dad on a normal sunny day. So within the normal chit chat Liam and the guy happened to exchange contacts because they were almost in relational businesses. This happens, so that just in case one had a business beyond them or for the other, each could act as a referral for the other. And that was that. Serena did not know that agreement. To ladies a man meeting another is just another casual affair. You never know. The introductions were just as normal and as unsuspecting as usual. To Liam, this was just another friend for real. I mean over 50 is too old for her. I guess just like most guys who do underestimate the potential of what they refer to as very faithful spouses, he classified and regarded them higher than they deserved. That day ended there and there was no more mention of our Mr. 50.
We went to the battle front and on one of those fine silent and secure nights; our guy received a call from Mr. 50. He picked the call and surprisingly enough it wasn’t Mr. 50 instead it was Serena. So Serena went ahead to give the normal updates on how she was doing and her whereabouts, she went ahead to cheat him that that was her neighbor’s phone. Remember she did not know that they had exchanged numbers with him. A fight started brewing and Serena continues messing up the lie. She went ahead to state who she was with . . .
“Serena, who do you take me for really?”
“Baby why?”
“This no time for baby . . .” “what are you doing at his place at midnight? Then you go ahead to cheat me that you are with your neighbor and you are using her phone!!!”
“I came here with my cousin and we are here with him at the moment. I am not lying.”
“Hold on a bit . . . ”
Enter Older Guy

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