Who Am I?

I may have not marched into a great battle like Napoleon did,
Or learned the art of archery like Robin Hood
Or even took cover in a tower while canons go about like the English did
But I have fought indeed.
My own battles,
In my own right.

I will not speak of what I have accomplished,
Though am mighty glad that I have accomplishments to speak of
I will merely state
That the battles I have won
Are only a step
In winning the great war ahead of me.

The road is pretty crooked at 21 so I hear
And my heart is pounding
With grief of sorrows past
And uncertainty of life’s troubles
Yet am certain of my dreams and who I set out to be.
For a soldier will stick to his cause
In summer and in winter
In peace and at war.
Am that soldier.

Am thankful
I must add
For those that have stuck by me
Those who have watched me fall
And rise again
Those who have stuck their necks out for me
And risked themselves on my behalf.

I would like to remember mum this day
For all your faith in me
Your words
Like a sweet balm to my soul
Dad I salute you too
For all you have been
And what you will be for me
For Claudia and Cindy
Two little flowers still growing
You brighten dreary days
And warm the coldest nights.
A vote of thanks would hardly pay homage
To what lies in my heart
But all the same
It’s the thought that counts.

I hereby bid you adieu
As I go back to what I do best
Carving out my own niche in this world.
I have grown indeed
And am yet to grow.

Who Am I?

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