Letting Go & Letting In.

For the past few days I have been wearing a dead watch. I was so attached to it and used to feel empty without my watch in my hand. So after I lost my setting knob while swimming, I decided to keep it on my hand for a while longer.
Wearing a dead watch has its repercussions
Its funny wearing a watch for people to see you have a watch & yet you are trying to conceal its face from the same people so that nobody would ask you the time.
So it was while in church today that I decided not to conceal the watch, for in any case everyone had clocks all over the walls telling of the time.
It then dawned on me that as much as I wanted to keep on wearing this watch,
It would not rise from the dead,
It will not tell the time again,
It will not play my favourite ticking lullaby to send me to sleep,
It will no longer amaze the crowds by the poolside & by the beach who always screamed to get me remove it. (They did not know it was resistant)
It will no longer attract the wonderful smiles of the ladies in the office.
It will no longer glitter in the hot sun in the deserts of the North,
I will no longer spend my precious time polishing it as I polish my ‘hoe’.
I will never raise my arm again for this particular watch.
Many Nevers. . .
Its not about the Watch or about the Nevers. Its about the life we live.
Many are the times we live in the past, holding onto things that long expired.
Holding onto them for one reason or another
Fearing the unknown, fearing the future. . .
The Watch that stopped ticking,
The Friendship that long ended,
The Relationship that long ended,
The Friend or family who passed on,
The Phone that got snatched on River road,
The HELB you spent raving,
The Job you lost,
The Opportunity that by passed you,
In the shops are other watches better than the one I used to wear,
Some one is out there looking for a friend like you,
Next door is your neighbour, the girl you always ignored maybe you future wife,
In the job market is a career waiting for you, better than the one you just dropped,
Tomorrow is another day full of opportunities you cannot exhaust.
If we keep on Dwelling in the past, Life will always be a Tight Coffin for us,
Its up to us to Work towards Moving on, Soldiering on and Focusing on the future,
For its in the future that life belongs, the brighter we envision the future. . .
The Brighter the Future will Be!
All The Best 2011.
Letting Go & Letting In.

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