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They knew we would all be like, “my wife is my first hero, eeehhh, she makes me the best chapati ndengu in the world… Oh, then My dad, because he has taken me on uncountable road trips… nini nini…” Keep it outside the family, said the rules. So I had to remind myself what a hero is. By the way, Arap Msee & Chauranger are also heroes, but they became family at some point after all that hell in training😂. So they defined a hero as someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievement, or noble qualities. I have many, my list is endless and it is a very dynamic list. It keeps changing within seasons. This list is probably those who I hang around with at top 5 permanently. & I will only disclose 3.

1. Guy A.

Yes, that is the name we are going to work with. Guy A has been my mentor and my spiritual father. Yes “Daddy”. Sometimes back, this term was very controversial especially among those who really cannot tell how their spiritual life is like. Before ignorance and Ukilimani mumsiness topples the sense out of my paragraph,  let me define the definition of the term Father – Definition like No. 3. A man who gives care and protection to someone or something.

Guy A plays multiple roles in my life. For starters, he is my Spiritual Father. A father is a father (The way we say, a pilot is a pilot – Student pilot, commercial pilot, helicopter pilot…) So that makes him my father. I respect and admire him. I would not be who I am today were it not for him. He is nurturing me, feeding me (part of giving care) and protecting me spiritually. Spiritually means by matters relating to God. Part of the transformation included the ignorance and the trash talk I used to make against the church of God and the Men of God. After I got born again, I was out in the cold for like a year by myself. Like every other journey in life, I fell a million times because I was in the wrong counsel. Because I assumed business would remain as usual. But under him, I am learning a lot on my spiritual journey and an article would not speak enough of the transformation.

The other role is mentorship. I know what is up there is mentorship too. But I am trying to separate it so that it can make sense when I say I am lucky to have a spiritual father being a career mentor. This is mentorship in my career now. Hope it makes sense right? This is a space to watch. Mentor-ship is not a one-week seminar.

2. Captain Faraz

This is too automatic right? He is the pilot who saw me through my naivety in aviation . No let me say naivety in “Flying” even when I thought I knew a lot to make me special. Funny enough he just likes being called Faraz. Even after all those years of flying Flight Sim at home, & back seating both military & civilian aircraft, I still couldn’t maintain the center line while taking off in my initial days on the simulator. He is still encouraging me through the flight (I mean journey in case you are like are you in the sky now?) and he is the person behind my becoming a pilot. Were it not for him, they would not have trusted me to fly alone on that day in August 2015.

3. Bishop Dag

He is among the ministers of the gospel I feed from. He is a doctor – qualified and still practices + with a Hospital, but he followed God’s call and is now a dynamic apostle. I think among the podcasts I listen to he is among the top three. Besides his anointing to teach, he is confident and authoritative in his teaching and he speaks so much sense. This is besides the spiritual teachings. Even on matters life. The thing with men of God and mentors is that you can see their products in the people that they have nurtured.

He is traveled and exposed. He has written so many books and in my love for knowledge and books, my heart just liked this man and the authority with which he teaches the word of God. He is also pro education. Both conventional and non-conventional. Anything more you want to find about him, is online, you can experience him yourself and let me know what you think.

Oh, and about, those tags and quotes… “Charley!” “Gooood Policy!” & “Forgive!!!”… All his!

Heroes & Inspiration

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