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This is a tough topic from the word go. I would consider it a challenge, when it comes with entertainment options. I like referring to my past for everything. Like FM, started enjoying this in 2007 after high school. A TV was even worse – High school. However, we had a computer in its place… Most of my life I grew without a TV. I thank God for that. I probably would be something else/ ‘someone’ else right now. Trust me. I am thinking all my children will be watching will be National Geographic only. Now on music. On this day of #30DayBlogChallenge I am supposed to choose three and describe how they make me feel…

My exposure to music started on a very good note… I mean the kind that you are deep deep into music. That is as a tenor on the school choir. National Level Material. I was good and I thank the mentor-ship… Don’t ask what happened to me and singing…

But in the life I now live… (That 80GB+ heavy folder of music I had, was Ctrl+Shift+Delete~d – Kitambo sana!)

  1. Classical Music

Best Classical MusicI am those people who are into compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and Vivaldi. Before I go in too deep, that☝ is Bach, Mozart, Chopin & I don’t know why Beethoven was always so serious and in an attack stance. I am actually afraid of indulging into modern composers. I guess I don’t want to try out or be attached to modern composers. Classical music is just amazing; it makes me feel all King and intelligent – special maybe. I love Tom & Jerry a lot and when I was younger, I was conditioned to love the music because of the role it played in the great creation of Tom & Jerry. Something interesting is, as a child, dad bought that Encyclopedia for kids (Where I loved the space shuttle & knew I wanted…) Yeah, last page had famous composers and musicians. Here I was studying WandindiIsukuti and here was dad trying to tell me who Richard Wagner was. When I get to the family library, I will take a picture of that page. I used to read about Richard Wagner every time I used that book & is even older than the other pages. I never used to get it until yours truly 🙄 – Internet. Like really, follow that link, you will thank me later. So one day when I was big enough to afford internet, I searched for this great music that people refer to as Classical music. Some of those soundtracks happened to be the same sound tracks appearing in bits and pieces in the cartoon series. Part happiness, part relaxation, part memories from the first time we had a TV. So I listened to this music for days on end and eventually, it cleared prior conditioning and now I got attached to classical music because it became my relaxing music, I played it overnight and it became part of my life. So whenever I am feeling just down and out, – classical music will sort me out. – Alafu them scientists say it makes you intelligent… You probably know my story and how badly I want to know things…

  1. Kigooco 🕺🙌🤸

My friends hapa kuna maneno! Consider Praise & Worship in general but for this season, Kigooco is just it. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel while at it. You don’t listen to Kigooco, you get inside it! There is a group wondering what became of me. But relax… Someday, you will. After I got born again, I was a little green on how to nourish myself. Music is food. Like normal food, what you eat makes you. Besides praising God, there is a lot more it does to you as an individual. I never thought I would jump all over the church floor to tunes like “…Mundu Murathime ni Murathime…” I cannot even assure you that this is the name/ title of the song. There are soooo many Kigooco songs that I would not list them all. But one which holds a major testimony about, is this one. Mundu Murathime. My, my, I sang this song and fell in love with it the first day. I went searching for it and I bumped into Njata TVs Kigooco Live videos on YouTube –Ain’t YouTube a Charm! There is this particular one that moves me! To some other places You wouldn’t take yourselves.


On “Mundu Murathime…” This song is one of my testimony songs. You can forward that video link to minute 22:28 to get to my favorite song. The song says that a blessed man is a blessed man. He cannot be cursed. I used to ask God about my blessing and asking him to bless me like every prayer was like God bless me, God bless me, God bless me… Then he gave me that wisdom that I am always blessed. His Word.

Proverbs 16:20 says, “Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”

He says that he will give me the desires of my heart and will make my plans succeed, that is in Psalms 20:4. – I trust Him & I am already blessed – with or without what I thing I ought to be having, I am already blessed!

Picture Kriscalf seated somewhere praying for blessings yet God already blessed me – I only needed to trust me. No wonder Kigooco makes me jump – I changed my song and approached him with a thanksgiving heart. Believing and trusting that all that I wanted had been given to me. I was already blessed, why not just transfer that energy to thanksgiving.

Na hapo ndipo mambo ilibadilika 2017…

  1. I don’t know what now… 😏

Praise, Worship, Gospel Music, Kigooco

I have no idea how to categorize the rest. Recently, I have bumped into a song I played repeatedly, in 2016 after watching Fireproof – The movie. This is John Waller – While I am waiting. One of my superiors used to ask me to watch this movie (2010), because she thought I was in love with a certain lady at work and I couldn’t say what they thought I needed to say. I watched this movie in 2016 and it wasn’t even related to what I thought it meant… But that song by John Waller Spoke to me. I want a lot of things in this life, and I trust in God for them, but what will I be doing in the space between now and the time when I get it? – SERVE HIM. That is the point I started to adjust what I thought was energy in line with growing spiritually, serving God & waiting and working towards my lifegoals.

This is my current 24/7 – short list, when sleeping, when not listening to podcasts, when I feel I need inspiration, when I feel like a certain message needs to flow via song…


Playlist 150917

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