Go Deeper & Launch Your Nets!

Luke 5: 1 – 11The verses tell us of how Jesus chose the first disciples at Lake Gennesaret. ( I would suggest you read it from your bible.) 

In brief,

We are told of how Jesus met fishermen washing their nets after a night of fishing but no catch. Due to the crowds, Jesus asked to use Simon Peter’s boat and he asked them to push it further into the waters so that he could be able to talk to the people who had gathered there. After he was done preaching, he asked the two to push their boat further and cast their nets. They took in a big catch that was breaking their nets and sinking their boat, they had to ask their partners to help them bring it in.
            Simon and his fellow fishermen had already given up in their quest for fish and they had already started washing their nets. We get three points here, Giving up, Nets, Calling for assistance, Launching Deeper. The Call for Discipleship & The Great Commission.

I would love to share what I learnt from this.
On Giving Up & Doubting ourselves.
You notice that Simon told Jesus that they had been doing it all night. In the call to discipleship & in our day to day life, there are many ‘opportunities’ to give up. This negativity and spirit of giving up should be eliminated and should never arise at any point on our path. The journey may be tough and taking longer than expected or results taking like forever to come through but in the long run, with faith you get the results. We also need to listen and obey the call and the word of God in line to our greater purpose.
On Launching your Nets.
You notice that Jesus did not tell them to launch ‘a net’. He told them to launch their nets. This is clear that we should put everything that we have in this endeavour. This means all we have. Be it time, resources, money, talents, knowledge & wisdom, connections as well as everything else that we have that can be used directly or indirectly in this great commission – Sharing the Gospel.
On Going Deeper.
We are told that Jesus told them to go deeper. Clearly he knew that as much as they said they were fishing all night, they probably did not go the farthest that they could have gone. They had not done their best! When we are pursuing a certain endeavour, we need to go the extra mile. As far as we can. Sacrifices have to be made. ‘Going deeper’ in itself has a deep meaning. Going deeper in terms of prayer, going deeper in terms of working hard, going deeper in terms of spreading the gospel, going deeper in even the things that may seem simple in our daily endeavours in line with our mission.
Assistance/ Team Spirit.
We need help in this mission and that is why we are told that they called for their partners so that they could be able to bring in the catch. We cannot do this alone, we need partners who will be able to help us bring in the catch, or else the nets will tear and our boats will sink. We need not be selfish and we can always share what we have and in any form that it comes in.
We need to let God use our boat. In this case, our boat is ‘ourselves’ as the vessel or our main resource. Could be your talent, could be your career, and could be your business. The Family as well. It is clear that when we let Jesus use our boats, the blessings that come with it are endless!
We also learn that it is when we have taken the longest time to do something that giving up is imminent. However, it is at this time when we are almost giving up or have already given up (Washing the nets ready to go home) that Jesus comes through. The longer the struggle, the longer the existence of the results. Good things come to those who don’t give up. Good things come to those who wait! Whichever the situation, no matter how long it may seem, the sun will always rise again.


Blessed Week.
Go Deeper & Launch Your Nets!

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