Mollis: Man or Beast?

Someone posts a clip on one of the Whatsapp groups I belong to. I normally don’t download audio clips. But after Ivan angrily said something to do with personal issues, I didn’t know what was there but the curiosity took over and I clicked play after someone mentioning Mollis. The day I saw Mollis trending, was the day they wanted that Bidco Uganda Story to trend too and all I received was issues Bidco and I let it go… anyway, a discussion quickly built up and this is how it turned out.
Brian: *Audio Clip*
Ivan: This is private issue not secret keep it to yourself nigger
Brian: Who is this Mollis trending?
Shelmith: Gosh
Shelmith: Hio nop nop
Jake: Now… Mollis is trending because it was meant to bring out the reality of RAPE.
Not just rape. Rape in marriage and in relationships.
Shelmith: U mean people rape each other in marriage and relationships!!!??
Shelmith: & how?
Ivan: Claiming to be tired does not mean you are being raped
Shelmith: Is that what u do Ivan
Jake: Now… Whereas some idiots want to make it appear like Morris/ Mollis is the bull and the man because he makes a girl scream (Of course society has made us to believe that making a woman scream is the deal). Now the lady has surrendered and is obviously in Pain. These things are happening in marriage, in relationships and even in ordinary relations and it’s never a laughing matter.
So; depending on your side of the society, and its school of thought. You can decide whether that is being a man, or that is being an animal.
Ivan: Only one person can tell… Shelmith?
Brian: I don’t think she was being raped.
Shelmith: Oh my God
Shelmith: Jake you said it clear. That’s a punishment.
Brian: From start, it’s like Mollis was being missed and the chick alimtafuta.
Shelmith: You surrender na bado.. mtu ako tu… That’s being selfish and silly!
Brian: Hahaa
Shelmith: It doesn’t matter Brian!!! But it should be a mutual agreement as far as the needy party is concerned according to you!
Ivan: Carry what you can then.
Shelmith: Waat!!!
Ivan: You bear the burden, this is called love & sacrifice.
Shelmith: Eish
Shelmith: Love and understanding sio sacrifice!
Ivan: If u add understanding you may be helped. Anyway this is social media propaganda. Disregard
Shelmith: SMH
Shelmith: No propaganda
Shelmith: No punishment in marriage.
Alvin: Sacrifice is everything.
Shelmith: Compromise.
Shelmith: Not sacrifice.
Ivan: The two are not married.
Shelmith: They are in a relationship
Brian: Alisalenda coz of the utamu! (She surrendered because of the intensity of the pleasure)
Ivan: Huu ni mpango wa kando (This is a side chic) you cannot record your spouse and post on media.
Shelmith: Surely!
Ivan: Of course.
Alvin: well said Ivan.
Jake: This is not social media propaganda.
Na ndio ujue this man is a prick! (& so that you know this man is a prick!)
He recorded the most intimate part of human nature.
When a person says stop… The rest is non-consensual. Agreement imeishia kwa stop (The agreement ends at stop)
Jake: That is the definition of rape. Not just grabbing a harmless girl or boy and pushing them into the bushes for whatever!!!
Shelmith: True
Shelmith: Jake tell them.
Shelmith: Apo ndio kisu uingililia! (That’s where the knife comes into play!)
Jake: Makes it more a prick. Mpango wa kando ni nani na mbona ata akuwe (Who is a side chic now? & why have a side chic in the first place!?)
Shelmith: I wonder!
Jake: Sawa. (Okay) Society imekubali mpango wa kando… Sio binadamu? Hana rights? (Well society has accepted side chics, aren’t they people? Don’t they have rights as well?)
Ivan: Listen to the beginning carefully…
Shelmith: Nkt!
Brian: Before they started they had a mutual understanding.
Brian: Ivan exactly from beginning
Shelmith: Then wen she said stop?
Ivan: Mpango wa kando (A side chic) needs satisfaction if not, be faithful to the husband.
Jake: I agree. The lady missed him. Which is why, I said. The moment she said, ‘I don’t want it anymore…’ Everything else after that is rape…
And to my final question….
Consider the Bitch that Karma is… We will sire daughters and we have sisters out there…. We continue proving “manhood” in this manner?
Ivan: Then this can stop mpango wa kando (side chics)
Jake: We need to redefine Rape and then come have this discussion.
Shelmith: True.
Shelmith: I think she is in pain… a lot of pain.
Ivan: Dear friends love and take good care of your wives & husbands.
Ivan: Fatigue is not pain(ful).
Shelmith: Ha! ha!!
Shelmith: Don’t irritate me Ivan!
Ivan: Sorry!
Alvin: Would you really describe screaming as a measure of pain!?
Jake: Let me explain it like a child… We all love sex. Right? Good.
We all love working… Salary & bonuses etc… But consider it is 5pm & you are still working? How do you feel after & your supervisor is still pushing you? You loved working right?
Scenario 2
You, love the song “Watch out for this – Bumaye!” for instance… Or “Amarula” but at 2am in the morning, I come play it at volume 30. In your room…
Scenario 3
Canteen. You are as hungry as an animal and you get served. On the third spoon, you realise the cabbage is uncooked, the beans are rocky, and the mashed potatoes are stale from yesterday… You know if you continue eating you will have a runny stomach etc…. So what do you do? You stop. You can always eat later…
All these scenarios. You wanted the item on offer badly. But then you realise out of boredom, Risk involved and maybe a change of mind you don’t want it…

Then what?
Ivan: It’s a technique that most Swahili women teach their daughters.
Jake: Screaming may not be the right word to use in this Context Coz it applies for both sides of the story…
Jake: So… Let’s say you know your partner well enough to know a ‘discomfort moan’ and a ‘pleasure moan’…
Jake: Delete ‘scream’ insert ‘discomfort moan’
Ivan: Well said.
Jake: Back to the Kenyan Law.
Sexual offences Act.
Alvin: Now when we term it as a discomfort moan then he should stop, but then what if he was under influence?
Shelmith: Influence is no excuse.
Brian: That was moaning coz of sweetness.
Brian: Kama hao watu walikua wanajibamba? (What of those people were having fun?)
Alvin: or worse still both are under the influence.
Ivan: ha ha!
Alvin: The problem with ladies is their differing answers, their No meaning Yes, anyone would take a stop for something else altogether.
Brian: Well Said Alvin!
Alvin: When you listen to that clip well that guy kuna kitu anakunywa (That guy must have taken something).
Jake: Ha ha…
Your arguments are solid. I don’t deny. Which is why I said depends on which side of society you belong to.
You realise if it’s your daughter who came to you with such a case, you would jump onto one side. And if it’s a call-girl you jump onto the other…
Fair enough?
Alvin: Still he sounds more powerful than the lady, she should have screamed neighbours wamsaidie, that’s an animal not a man!
Rodney: That guy is on pills!! Ha ha
Alvin: That’s true, but now who’s the complainant?
Debby: This is what I would call rape in marriage, whereby the man feels it’s his right to continue / have sex even after the lady goes dry et al, so that he may ‘get there’ no matter what comes. The lady ends up hurt and even blistered. I feel it is unfair and I would scratch and bite him all the way to hell! I would rather bite a whole chunk of muscle if it gets to that extent.
Debby: Wow! I didn’t know this!
Alvin: That’s the good part of social media- informative,
Jake: Sexual Offences Act No 3 of 2006
1) A person commits the offence termed rape if:
a) he or she intentionally and unlawfully commits an act which causes penetration with his or her genital organs;
b) The other person does not consent to the penetration; or Rape.
c) The consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind.
Jake: 3. (1) An act is intentional and unlawful if it is committed –
a) In any coercive circumstance; Attorney-
b) Under false pretences or by fraudulent means; or
c) In respect of a person who is incapable of appreciating the nature of an act which causes the offence.

2) The coercive circumstances, referred to in subsection (1)(a) include any circumstances where there is –
a) use of force against the complainant or another person or against the property of the complainant or that of any other person;
b) threat of harm against the complainant or another person or against the property of the complainant or that of any other person; or
c) abuse of power or authority to the extent that the person in respect of whom an act is committed is inhibited from indicating his or her resistance to such an act, or his or her unwillingness to participate in such an act.
Jake: “in respect of a person who is incapable of appreciating the nature of an act
When I tell my partner (because it can also happen to men) that I have had enough and I don’t want it anymore, I have stopped appreciating whatever we were doing (Made it simpler by using food, music and the matter in question – Sex). That is what the law says about this matter!
Jake: & as Debby says it! That in itself is violation. Wacha ata tuseme hakuna the Law. Utamu ikiisha, for either of the parties, it’s time to ring the alarm and stop it.

& then much later after all was done with this discussion and I got busy before posting this… An update checked in. The Intel in the group thought they had identified who Mollis was – 2 days later.
Debby: Breaking news….imagine yule Mollis ni Second year na anaishi block 25 main…. he he
Debby: Ni wa Eng.
Debby: For real, ni Ken amenishow
Payne:Iiii ni serious!!!
Debby: Haikosi ni mtu gym – ako na stamna
Debby: Hehe….
Brian: Hiyo ni uongo
Payne:*Censored* – Mentions a certain community.
Debby: Brian kaa basi huamini
May: Hahahahaha ha mass!!!
Kai: Debby acha hizo
Debby: True ulizeni Ken….me siwez tengeneza zangu…sikiza ata hyo bed ni zile za block 25
Brian: Hahaa ati sauti ya bed ni ya block 25? Kumbuka dame aliambia Mollis kesho asikose kurudi so most probably alikua kwa dame.
Payne: *curses*
Short Wire: hehe…block 25 hakuna wooden bed kwa junior years.
Debby: Hehe Alvin…analyze
Debby: Analizer
Debby: Ebu mnipee number ya Mwas niduu assignment?
Brian: Debby too much forensic movies.
Debby: Me naamini ni gym nut juu ya endurance
Kai: Mnajuaje labda dem alikua overweight
Debby: Overweight meaning???
Payne: Hiyo ni uwongo!!!!
Kai: Ndo bed ikavunjika
(Someone actually believed that bed Meme)
Debby: Payne hizo notes niaje?
Debby: Hehe Kai bed haikuvunjika
Kai: Haujaona?
(Posts the broken bed that did rounds earlier that week)
Kai: Wa kucopy ni Monday
Payne:Nani amefanya assignment ya uncle Ben a post please?
(I believe lecturers know by now that some of these assignments are done by one or two people right?…)


& life continued on the group…
Mollis: Man or Beast?

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