Total Motor Show 2013 – Write up.

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This was one of a kind outdoor event that I think I would have enjoyed staying at home than going to with the kind of disposition that I had in my pockets. I had waited for this event all month long and I was so sure it was gonna rock my month as I await the next one. This is the motor event busy quarter of the year, having all sorts of motor shows. I missed the East African Motor show which was at the same venue, a few weeks ago. Then there was The Total Motor Show. This one. Which I attended but had the worst time of my life – mindset. I blame myself. Next we will be having The Concours de Elegance at the end of this month and possibly the Subaru Festival & the Westgate Motor Show somewhere close. I missed Friday – work, Saturday – classes and I ‘missed the fun’ today. This is because of a very small PLC in me that decided the day won’t be fun if I don’t spend it in certain ways, with certain people, at certain times, at certain places, etc etc…
My Sunday started in church. Before you get all staggered and inquisitive; I go to church yes, but because of working on Sundays, I go to a special church service on Thursdays. I went for the 7 am Mass at the Holy Family Basilica – again another of my Dad’s great lessons. If you go to church early, you will never have distractions to make you change your mind and you will have a longer day to do other things (Back in the day, reading novels & studying was the other things). The times, I missed church on free Sundays was coz I planned for 10 o’clock mass. By half past 8, the Kiswahili mass was done & I underwent a whole hour of confusion before I took the next course of action. I did not have my phone with me (I need to cool down before I write this one). I was to meet a great friend who had promised me tickets to the event last week & Baby Omnia decided to go awol on me before we made the necessary plans on the events of the day.
I took a walk I hadn’t taken for several years. The walk to the garages of Kirinyaga road on a Sunday Morning. Why? I missed that. In brief; on Sunday mornings, a lot of cars that got the wrath of drunken driving end up here… a lot happens here (opportunity). End of story. I then got into a cyber to check my mail. I was hoping the ardent users of social media and electronic mail that I had appointments with today, would have responded to my alternative form of communication. Apparently nobody had seen em. Fair enough, my lesson was being accentuated. I accessed the KICC via the not so common Harambee Avenue entrance. I know where your mind is at… I “paid” my entrance.
KICC can be a wonder at times, especially how it gets converted. This was a different place, from the conference setup I am accustomed to. I was still down & in this grotesque sea of ‘emotion’. So by the time my intuition had told me to get the camera clicking, I had passed important stands. It’s until I got to the Subaru stand that I got some life back. After a few lousy shots, I moved on to one of DT Dobie’s stand indoors. Now: I have a thing with people who deride others – a bad one… Including when I belittle myself. At the Mercedes display, a fair percentage of those who were present had buying intent (quick verdict – I may be wrong). The Mercedes CLS 500 is worth Ksh 20,000,000 (Twenty Million Kenya Shillings ONLY). Someone asked “Off the showroom?” I don’t know what it means but that sounded like ‘Showroom’ experience to me. This car is so ‘expensive’ that, the person telling its story to the prospects had to relate to an ‘uncanny’ tone. We were also made to understand that people tampered with the “systems” yesterday by looking at it 😉 & we couldn’t look at the sexy V8 engine any longer. A bang of the hood later told me this was way outta my league – For now.
I loved the Subaru’s but not that much, (They were too soft for rough riders) The new model outback a little maybe. I will stick to mods & the rally editions at The Subaru Fest. Nest to the Subaru Kenya stand was Simba Colt Motors. I think the organizers had a motive… Subaru & Evo together or I am over thinking. I was to get back to take a shot of the Evo but… I never did. I went outside where my real interest was in buses & trucks. I expected to find the ‘normal’ buses but what I found didn’t interest me. Somewhere in my mid to long term goals I want my company to own buses & trucks. There were some new models that did not please my purpose. The guys at Scania were pretty ‘encouraging’ – indirectly. By giving me a tour of their machines was enough to tell me thar “You can do this!!!” again since the times of the Mary Hill Girls “White Stallion” I have had a thing for Scania, so maybe I might consider their truck some day in the future.



I saw a Greatwall vehicle. End of story. I went to the Equity bank tent, had some enquiries to make in regards to asset financing. But since I wasn’t flipping a key, or possibly looking it, they thought perhaps I was there to have a look at their couches. I left. The models at Pirelli slightly brightened my day. They saw potential & invited me to their tent. Why? I didn’t know… at that time. John Deere was missing in action, or I missed their stand. Chase had a version I loved, but of a certain Ford New Holland tractor that was too sweet to be a tractor.  That back in my days as a kid under my dad’s inspiration to be a farmer part time I wished to own. But I do not worry, The Nairobi International Trade Fair is on its way & I will get to see more tractors there. I loved the demo stunts pulled by the JCB back hoe. It was awesome. Their road roller freaked the kids out to their skins when the operator pushed that vibrate button on the metallic mammoth. I moved on to the body makers. Randon made my day. This again was in relation to my dream of owning trucks.
At the VW trucks section, the mechanic who was demonstrating its engine was also great at his job and he treated me like a true prospect. He mentioned something about my generation having the most potential unlike the older ones who are almost giving up on owning such assets. He said that even I could buy that truck. Encouraging is what he was. He allowed me to push the button that automatically started the chassis build (The cabin was not fitted yet) & I was further Inspired- boys will always be boys.
I then decided to check on my mail & social media again to see if anyone had communicated yet. I was to return to the show but I was so deflated that I ‘angrily’ decided to go home and write SEO. Thinking to myself… “All this suffering is just because of resources? Time to get enough of my own”
I was so looking forward to this day, but it would have been way better if it had gone the way I anticipated.
On a light note, the Scania guys, The Pirelli Models & the VW Tech made my day.
Now enjoy or critic the photos & the mood of the Photographer. (Click here for photos)
Thanks for being part of my blog.
Great week ahead.

Dream Lorry 01/ 02 🙂


Total Motor Show 2013 – Write up.

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