Fathers Day IV – The Talk

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“Seriously, Brian. Its time you realized I was here?”

“Peace & serenity… very important.”

She expected me to come unswerving to her after all she had done? She had taught me the tough way. I don’t have that much veneration for ladies anymore, she ought to know better. I let the thought sink in. I took a fleeting look at my watch and realized that she was crazy. It wasn’t even an hour since I arrived. I didn’t know what to tell her by the way. All I could see were insensitive images that made me get this hard lump in my chest that kept coming & coming. I wished I could throw it to her, open my heart up & let her see the dent it had cost/ made. She really expected me to be normal? I almost shouted to that thought!

“Sweetheart… I wanted (Never heard the rest of it)”

“Hmm!!! What?” “Oh! Sorry! You were saying?”

“You see!” “You weren’t even listening to me!”

“Yes. I won’t lie Cera, I wasn’t listening, and my mind was far away.”

“How far? You can tell me, right?”

“No! That privileged was long scrapped remember?” “& by the way, Cera, don’t sweetheart me in any of our conversations, from now onwards, okay?”

“But you are…”

“I am now huh? I am not fascinated!” “By the way, I didn’t come here to argue okay?”

“Right. I get you loud and clear… Be easy now…”

“So you were saying what about the child you carry?”

“It’s yours Brian” “The last time we were together…”

“Before you even continue talking, the last time we were together, you were still dating… what’s his name again? Whatever, that Mr. Barclays Guy…”

“He is Quale, Brian, Hi name is Quale” (With a defined quiver in her voice – whatever it meant, I didn’t care this time round. I was done reading her cues.)

“Whatever,” “Yes, the last time, you came into my house; you had slept with Quale for two months? Actually you did mention after we had sex, that you felt like you had cheated.” (I tried counting to a hundred to reduce the antagonism welling up inside but it didn’t seem to work…) “Then here you are death confident that the baby is mine?”

“Yes I am telling you, it’s your child” (The quivering voice again)

“Lemmi get this straight, you tell me, our relationship ain’t working, one month later, you tell me you have decided to settle with your friend Quale, Not just settle, you emphasized you loved him & you are already in a relationship… & now the baby you carry is mine?”

I couldn’t help think how this term has been tainted of late, for her case; fitting in the term relationship was to cover up for some fantasy meaningless sex… I would play along to ‘rebound’ whatever but… at least that’s what I thought then. Definitely acrimony had clouded my mind to the extent of thinking of the grossest things, for the first time in life; I was disgusted to the point of purging. I didn’t throw up. But what you see in movies; it’s true. Some people, some acts, some feelings, make you just feel like throwing up. I tried to calm myself down. Okay! They are in a relationship. That was done. I just needed to work on moving on. But this baby issue was dragging me helpless!

“… then months down the line you are telling me that you have my child, it doesn’t make sense. For whatever reason you decided to move on with Quale, at my age you cannot convince me that you never had sex with Quale, actually I know you had to recompense for all the intimacy you missed those days that I used to spend away on duty…”

“I didn’t say we never had sex…”


“I told you we use protection.”

“So that, I am to swallow?” “Try another one”

I realized my glass was almost empty & I started jiggling on my seat. I wanted to wake up & get another one, but also wanted to stay that way. I started wishing I was within Emmah’s sighting range. I then realized that by this hour, no lady would be idle. I decided to put my now, empty glass away & get back to this contentious exchange.

“Brian… I am talking to you”

“I am listening”

“You have to believe that we use protection every time.”

“Last I checked you were on the pill, or Quale told you to stop that huh?”

“I stopped….”


“I had to, since Quale wanted us to settle…”

“Www… wh… WHAT!!!” (I noticed a few curious faces gawk in our direction but ignored as if nothing had happened) “How many months are you settling at? 2 – 3?…” (Oh how jealous I was at this point. I couldn’t let her know )

“Oh actually I don’t care, it doesn’t matter anymore” “Then what…? I am listening”

“So we visited the Gaeno & he advised us to discontinue. Me that is. But I should give myself about two months for my body to adjust fully… Since I was on the last few pills of that month, I stopped taking them…”

“So you are implying that you were already planning for babies while I was still in your life, spending numerous hours on the phone at night while far off talking to you… tell me you are lying Cera…?”

“I am sorry B… It’s just that…”

“It’s just what…?” You think owning up to cheating now that we are separated or whatever it is that you were doing while we were still in a relationship will make things easier or better for that matter? Nkt!…” “Fast forward to where the baby you are carrying is mine. I am even shocked you even executed infidelity while with me. Whether the relationship was working or not, that was very very unacceptable! Still is. But someday… you will pay. Nature will sort you out on that one.”

 “We can do this later minus your rage Brian…”

“No, carry on…”

“Thanks, so that time, I came over to talk things out & I spent the night, I was off the pill for a while, I thought that I would be on my safe days & was sure nobody would happen. I therefore didn’t need to take a ‘morning after’…”

“All that time you have been on the pill, you never once considered that it shifted your cycle & thus your safe days?” “As a friend, you disappoint me. That’s carelessness, to some extent you know…”

“I know, but I was confused, a lot was going through my mind then…”

“So it has happened, what do you want me to do?” “What do you need me to do?”

“That’s why I am here… You tell me Brian”

“Go and ask Quale about that! He is your boyfriend now! That’s a question that belongs to him.”

“What do I do B…? Really?”

“Seriously…! Cera; the questions you are asking me are no longer in my league. Those are husband material questions. I couldn’t reach that league right? Or rather I couldn’t maintain my status. I was too what? Uncaring? Unavailable? Unfaithful?  He is your man now; go to him… you wanted children, now you got one… ”

“Is that all you can say?”

“You want me to insult you for hurting me?”

“Not really, but you know…”

“Actually I am not done! Do this, when we leave here tonight, get to bed with your Quale, pretend you are very drunk & say that you are mature enough for whatever protection you two use. Get ahead with your business & that’s it! Let him know the baby is his until when it’s born & we will check with DNA after it’s born…”

“Brian! Just stop…!”

“Cera I don’t trust you anymore, thank God I still have a little respect left for you. The things you have proved this last few are way too difficult to handle & believe for that matter. You just don’t act the way you do & treat me as you wish then you expect me to let you in with arms wide open like I used to!” “Things are different now. You! Cera! Made them different…”

I noticed tears welling in her eyes & I realized round one was a win. Her glass was almost full. For a moment I pitied her, mixed with some kind of love. Took in her beauty that still screamed from every point of her body… but then I realized that the fork in the path that she had decided to take, needed better boots than I had on me… I excused myself to refill my glass and have a bite. She didn’t look up. Not that I wanted her to. With her wave of her well manicured hands, she gave me the approval.

I didn’t hesitate… This wasn’t back in the day. I needed a breather.




Fathers Day IV – The Talk

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