My Friday’s Mindset.

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After a night of watching enough Bleach episodes and Transformers 5 . . . I know it’s unbelievable but yeah it was the time I was watching the movie. It has been long overdue. Anyway I slept late having in mind that the next day would be a running day. Morning run, the session most people would love to get scrapped off the system. So morning came and I reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the assembly area. The normal protocol was done with and we were ready to start our run. On this particular day, unlike, other days, we were divided into groups since they wanted to identify the individuals who sing or solo dirty lyrics while running. It’s tradition to sing while jogging to make it fun and easier. Usually these songs are meant to make the moods lighter and give psych and morale to those who are running. But since we joined the college, the administration which is part of the runners complained of a breed of dirty and “disrespectful” songs being sung while running.

Dividing the college in groups would help them identify where the songs came from. At least that’s what one of them thought. But it did not work. All kinds of songs were sung. The group I was in particularly sung some very embarrassing songs. It was just crazy!!! All dialects. Luhya, Kamba, Luo, Kikuyu, Somali and Kalenjin were among the languages with some of the most Hilarious and offensive songs you could ever sing while running. It was fun. Marrrd fun!!! Now add to it the environment. It makes it so fantastic you wanna run forever. We usually run around the large apron and along a section of the runway. At this time again it’s the time that most airlines are taking off and landing. It’s just fantastic. After the run I rushed to my room and took a shower after the formalities of showering and prepping for a cleaner body, I went and had a heavy breakfast as I listened to my favorite breakfast shows.
For once I went to class early, and it’s not because I was ready to read or what, I was a bit tired, being the end of the week for one and having ran a longer distance than usual. I took up to reading the book I had been for the past few days. The Impossible is possible. It’s been two weeks now in class but I had not started classes. I was attending yes but my mind and concentration was affixed on other things for reasons I know too well and I respect. I tried concentrating yes to the best of my ability. Most of my time was spent filling puzzles, reading the newspaper online, Tweeting or reading a book outside the context of the class in progress. The first session went on well. My “Flight hour” came and I couldn’t help it. I tried my best though. I was soon in deep slumber.
Flight Hour refers to that time of the day approximately between 10.45am and 12.45pm when I fall into a deep sleep. Yes. A sleeping disorder, kind of symptom. The other part of it is that I cannot sleep for more than 8 hours at night. It has to be subdivided into bits whereby long sessions of insomnia creep in and ruin my slumber. It was a thing since I cant remember when and I think I ignited it by encouraging myself, by giving myself options after my sleep took an off. At night on losing sleep I usually grab the nearest book or just get online and I start reading online articles or I write some or most of what is on my mind for personal use or for blogging purposes.
On this particular flight, when the Math tutor and the rest of the focused students were busy with Algebra, I happened to take off, uninterrupted. But not for long before the tutor came and interrupted my session. As usual they would peruse and try find out where they left you. But he couldn’t really figure out since the book I had was just a rough book that had a totally different unit for a totally different program. Oh, “Why are you sleeping?” “Where is your book?” “Why this, that…” In the end he told me to go say what I had done to the department head. It felt stupid again I gave the worst excuse ever. I mean for an adult, wa!!! “I have a headache…” “Wacha!” I left the class room embarrassed and went to the HOD. Told him what I came for in his office and omitted the sleeping part. He dismissed me and promised him I will be ready on Monday. I went back to class and acted all hyper again. Concentrated until an rally car passed outside. Full in my view of its green magnificence and an orgasmic revv of the avgas fuelled turbo engine. The turbo itself made me forget I was in class and got me into another world. Couldn’t wait to own “mine”. It was kinda doing a test run along the bypass where my sitting position has a perfect view. Passed through twice. The tutor left the classroom and we broke for lunch. I carried my heavy head to my room and reluctantly wiped my shoes, since being a Friday, I couldn’t wait to get home in the evening for the weekend.
Lunch came through and unlike I had planned, I did not go for a second filling since the first was well served. Returned to my room and ironed the tee shirt I had lined up for my short trip home. The afternoon session was uneventful. The math tutor gave an assignment via the class rep which I did not even attempt, since I did not have the material. Totally lazy of a student. Since there was no tutor in class I left early, which is not allowed and went changed. I took my bag put my laptop and left the area, careful not to bump into one of the staff members.
I was broke and couldn’t wait for the weekend to go out there and try earning something extra. It’s the reason I so love the city as compared to the interior towns I have been to before, whereby if you are broke, you are broke. Here you can turn a 100/- something that can support your life for an entire week. Again I couldn’t wait to get home. I had missed the place. The conditions that I currently stay in are not as conducive as I would want them to be. It was not such an eventful journey, I got home safely and took a shower, some basic washing and sat down to scheme on how some money would be made during the weekend and deciding on whether I would be meeting anybody during that weekend. Some ideas came through and I jotted them down as they flowed.
My to do list was full of unfinished jobs and I started working on them. Top on the list was photo production of a wedding we had shot. It was a hectic job that got me sleeping late in the night for I had to select 300 of the best out of a group of over 700photos. You can imagine the stress… 2am did it for that day. Tomorrow would see me running up and down the city. Forecasting a hectic day.
My Friday’s Mindset.

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