Really Friends???

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We regard the sun’s light as colorless, just as we speak of water as tasteless, but both of these expressions relate to our own feelings rather than to anything really characteristic of water or of sunlight. We regard the sunlight as colorless because it forms, as it were, the background on which all other colors are depicted. Friendship falls in the same category just like our other friend relationships. But I won’t be writing of relationships, deeply that is. 😉 Kinda got boring, too much about them. As usual the inspiration is a dip in the mucky side of it all.
What really determines whether a friendship is good or it’s not good? Every person has their own parameters and understanding of friendship. Again on the same we all have different reasons why we get into the friendships we are in and why again we maintain them. Just like not all relationships are meant for romance, not all friendships are meant for physical or tangible benefits. I’m trying to say that what may seem like a very beneficial thing to me might be very useless to someone else and its existence is basically because it’s a formality. Just like the differences in objects of a pair so are such bonds. It will always be weaker than the other. Everything is always sailing smooth until something happens and the bond is subjected to scrutiny. That’s when we get to ask ourselves we stand to benefit if we maintain, strengthen or break some of these bonds altogether.
Like the obvious case above of the sun and its light, we seem to always misinterpret the motive of bonds which were mostly made with no condition in place. Always getting the wrong picture. Only that these bonds were made by natural selection. Unless it’s an organization you are building. There is no way a friendship bond will be built out of blocks of the same size. And by the time you get those particular blocks. It will be too perfect to handle, or requiring too much that it gets harder to maintain & to build. Let’s say that not everything is as it appears. There is much more than the talk, much more than the actions, much more than the bond. There is still some unseen, untouchable energy (for lack of better wording) that exists that determines whether it lasts or not, whether it’s repairable when broken or not, or even whether its breakable in the first place. What matters is as much as we are sailing smoothly and feeling high on a friendship or any other bond close to that family; we shouldn’t get so carried away by its bliss that we forget that we are not in it alone. There is another party out there that shares almost the same or completely doesn’t but still keeps it going.  Selfishness in some aspect kills it. The moment you get clouded by self satisfaction as a priority makes it hard on self since you will always want things to circulate around you and you will never satisfied. You will always be seeing faults in others and it will never get better. You will always be perfect and the rest will always be on the wrong. Now that’s not friendship. It’s uncharacteristic of such bonds.
We should embrace friendship as it comes. It’s not written anywhere that it’s smooth all the way. Even history doesn’t have any records. There are bound to be lots of obstacles on the way, this strengthens it as always. Weakness is individual if obstacles seem to weaken the bond. Shows the foundation was poorly done. The good thing is fresh starts are always an option.
Really Friends???

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