What Wishes?

Assuming I was an ant,
All I would do would be to chew wood
And haul loads bigger than I.
If I were a cow,
All I would do is to graze and chew cud
Then I get milked.
If I were a pig,
All I would do be eat and grunt
Then wait for my day to get slaughtered
If I was a bull,
All I would do was to fatten
Then plough farms or haul loads
If I was a chicken,
All I would apart from eat; eggs
If I was a cock,
All would be chasing hens around
Then get beheaded for meals
If I was a drop of water,
I would just flow and flow
Flow to places unimaginable
But now am not an ant,
Can’t chew, can’t haul,
Neither am I a cow,
To chew cud and get milked,
Bull to do ploughing,
Water to flow,
I’m not all that I watch,
And think is having a good time,
A good time in this life.
I am human,
Total complication of creation,
Vulnerable, soft and brittle,
Full of responsibilities,
Full of unwanted, unnecessary
And somewhat useless feelings
Surrounded by life’s complications
Full of dreams, and endless fantasies.
Assuming I was a spark of lightning?
I would exist in a way that I wouldn’t care to remember.
But I can’t now.
Maybe in another life.
What Wishes?

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