CPL Simon Mumo Kyuli

KDF, Kenya Defence Forces, Kenya Navy Soldier, Simon Mumo Kyuli
Navy Dockyard.
The news of the passing on of our brother a Naval Electrical Technician came barely a week after the El Adde attack. Still in distress over the loss and trying to come to terms with the loss of our soldiers, we received the news of another fallen Hero. He passed on after an accident in Embakasi. The memories we shared will forever linger in our minds. He made an impact in my life & many others, I would like to share one of the special memories we shared. In no particular convention, I needed to compose & publish this in his honor.
Corporal Simon Mumo Kyuli was one of those interesting characters that you get attracted to on the first meet. The military brought us together at Embakasiat the Defence Forces Technical College to pursue Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He was older than I was in the service by one intake. That means I passed out after him. The Deputy Course Senior/ 2IC of Electrical 01. By then we had the same rank. Our love for mobile technology brought us together and he was a great advocate for “Android” with his then Ideos. He even held that nickname for a while. ‘Android’.He later moved to Blackberry. Talking of nicknames, he had many; Android, Champ, Commander, Lion, Kalekye, Kamulu, Mushkao, Mush… We used to share a lot about mobile phones. In fact, he was top on the list of those who took photos of me. He knew his way around, to a good shot for he was good with cameras too.
20/01/2014 The bridge tour he promised KNS Nyayo
He was as zealous about Marine technology as I was passionate about Aviation technology and we used to share much across the two fields. On one occasion in February of 2013, while attached at Moi Air Base, Mush learnt why I used to leave the rest of the team: – to go fly the Tucano Simulator. One day, we went with him to the Simulator room and he told me to “show him how to fly this thing” he was so excited after the exercise and he promised that he would return the favour in kind, and show me the basics of sailing among other things when we went to the Navy Base. A month short of a year later, he took me on that inaugural sailing lesson with the orientation of the bridge of the warship KNS Nyayo at Mkunguni Dock Yard at the Mtongwe Naval Base in 2014. It was awesome! He took me around the ship and whenever free, we would always hang out at the warships at the Dock Yard – the dining rooms especially. The sustenance I got access to while in his company was stately! This exchange of experiences is the greatest memory I embrace. Not forgetting fun at the beaches at the coast, indulging in the fun and adventure that they used to promise us in first year.
Having a go at the Tucano Full Motion Simulator.Feb 2013
He laughed to the point of tears and red eyes, he loved bikes and playing around with electronics, he was passionate about electronics and I used to joke and tell him to study on my behalf as well. He helped others with classwork and he would never let go of any problem until it was done. We used to cook at my place in Embakasi once in a while since they resided at barracks and I had a little place of my own. Memories come flowing one after another especially when scrolling through the pictures we took. The news hit like a bad and unexpected storm. May God rest his soul in eternal peace and may He grant strength as well as healing to his young family, his friends, and his colleagues.
Refreshments. 16/01/2014  ‎KNS Nyayo
“Mush looks back serenely on his life; his life was definitely full of meaning, he fulfilled that meaning every single day, he did his best. He did his best for his family, for his comrades, for his country. He served and served diligently. Rest in Peace Commander.” CB

 “It’s hard to believe, We Loved you Mumo, May His Soul rest in Peace” Maina

Preparing field reports over Uji & Mandazi at Mkunguni
Ruto, Mush, Kibet, Maina
“A close friend whom I’ve been spending time with since we moved to our new station… so sad to lose a friend. And the man we used to call each other ‘ tapeli’ has gone.” Shigoli
“May the almighty comfort his family. May his soul rest in peace” Kipsigoo
One of the chargers we used to share in second year.
“I cannot hold back the tears as the person with whom I shared the best years of my life while in DEFTEC is gone from this world – I can only pray to God for the good of his soul.” Odhiambo
7/02/2014 On shift at Kilindini
“I cannot believe so, we shared a lot with Mush. I can’t imagine he has gone and we cannot see him anymore, he has gone and we cannot see him anymore… anyway, we cant question God. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Bye Cpl Mush” Kibet

“RIP Kalekye” Mugwe
“Rest in Peace Mumo” Muteti
“R.I.P. Kaluthes” Alex
Supper with Iseka & Mush 20/03/2014
“’Msanii Vipi!!!’ Nakumbuka hizo salamu ulizopenda kuniamkua kwazo… Ulinitia moyo kaka kusonga mbele katika usanii. Kuondoka kwako kumeliacha pengo ambalo kuliziba ni muhali. Ni pigo kwetu pamwe jamii. Machozi ya majonzi yamenitoka njia mbilimbili… Bado sijaamini. Waama ningekuwa hakimu, kifo ningekuhukumu kifungo cha maisha… Haidhuru, kazi ya Mungu haina makosa. Mola akulaze pema… Makiwa” Waswa
“It is with a lot of pain to accept the demise of such a young man. I pray that God Grants us all the strength to overcome this painful loss. RIP Kamulu” Musili
Travelling to Mombasa 13/01/2014
“RIP great friend” Ruto
“I am so saddened by the horrible news, death has claimed a friend, a father, a husband. May your soul rest in peace Mumo” Shivinah
“I recall his jovial mood and the belief he could achieve anything… In class DEFTEC, he couldn’t rest until he knew how to solve a problem especially in Engineering Maths. May God rest his soul in Peace” Kabura
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un “Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return’. May God swt bless his soul and may he rest in peace “ameen”. Goodbye mumo.” Mukhebi
15/01/2014 After raising the Flag. Day one at the Naval Dockyard
Musau, Ndonye (Admin), Ng’ash, CB, Mush, Pinchez
“I remember we use to ride on his Suzuki motorbike on a weekend to Donholm through Greenspan Mall…. and the no of times it could break down before we arrived there was uncountable..We cud arrive there looking so dirty than mechanics. A good soul has ascended to heaven, a kind heart has suddenly stopped beating, an ever jovial face has fade away so quickly, a great friend is no more with us, a vibrant and promising loyal friend has been taken from us…God I pray that you give his entire family ,friends and relatives the fortitude to bear this great loss. I have learnt this heart-breaking news with a lot of agony…truly life is so so short…RIP Kaluthes” Korir”

Ngong Hills Tour 5/03/2012
“It’s heart disturbing… My prayer is one “May the Almighty God give his family strength during this hard time n rest my Commander’s soul in eternal peace” Situma
“Was reading our last chat on Whatsapp. He asked if niko lima, said he was on lima too and if I am back to Nai he will visit… I rem ile time at preps we would come chapa jazz tukitikiwa we fallout… Rest In Peace Mush” Kimachia

“Can remember tukiwa JTF and he wanted to test if I knew how to ride a motorbike. What a jovial man we have lost, he would make friendship with everyone! Gone too soon. May his soul rest in peace may God be with the affected family to overcome this trying moments” Ruto

“He would always have a joking statement on meeting! OKHULAISAS!!! HE would say with a wide genuine smile, a man who was full of stories and encounters, you give one story and you earn yourself 10 thrilling stories. It’s hard to believe that this guy is gone!! Guys it’s our time now, what will people say about us? Will they say anything or nothing at all? Let’s always have a kind word and be cordial towards our fellow human being, it doesn’t have to be your bro, sis, or your tribes man, treat one another equally, this life is short…” Laisa
“Some of us went swimming with our late friend. Others went to the gym together. Joyfully others went out raving. Kyuli gave a ride on his nduthi to almost all those who didn’t know how to ride; those who knew how to ride had the privilege to take to the wheels as he relaxed as their passenger just to feel their skill. The late brother had lots of nicknames. ‘Kaluthes’, ‘kalekye’, ‘masaku’ he was called. I used to call him ‘kamulu’. All these names and many more are a reflection of how he kept his friendship personal. The late comrade was outspoken & never held back on anyone. His sudden demise leaves a void so remarkable in the hearts of many. RIP pal.” Musili
9/09/2013 Hydro Power Tour
“Tulijamiana mara kadhaa and he was always the one to cool things down with his jokes and funny approach. He always taught me life is too short to keep your anger towards someone for too long…
Just remembered when we were leaving DEFTEC he told us he gonna miss us guys and the moments we had at KAFTEC.. Didn’t imagine we gonna miss him for the rest of our lives” Ndonye
“I rem soo many moments we shared. Ukishort anamake fun of you hadi unachekelewa inabidi ucheke pia. In Nyali we had great moments too. RIP BRO.
But sitawai kusahau till we meet” Ng’ash
With the course senior Kibet Elec Power 01
That is, the class president & his deputy
“I remember him for very many great moments we shared together. We would help each other with oil and petrol (siphoning) when one required them for the motorbikes. He also encouraged me a lot during the EMFT referral paper. He also happened to come from where my wife originates from. He would always remind me to invite him for ‘Muratina’ whenever I would visit my in laws. Till we meet again, fare thee well my friend.” Muiruri
“Mumo thyumua nesa tukoonana ivinda ya Ngai….  When we were doing our third year July series & time ya graduation when we felt like we were isolated aiding our friends to graduate ‘support team’ he always motivated us in different styles…  Always a happy man who never made any one’s 9t sad…. RIP Kaludhes” Kiilu
“The man we faced numerous tests together, my partner in the ruthless KNEC nightmares, my swimming tutor, Mumo that was too soon Can’t forget the you told me in an exam “Hii ni kizungu andika!” Its a great loss. I’ll forever hold you dear in my heart. Rest in Peace Bro.” Maina
“He used to call me kademdem… Ama kelitu…” Muteti
“Omulonzero, omundu musambati ,Tsimonjero—– The names he always called me.” Amanya
Mush, Iseka & I in the generator rooms at Kiambere
“God always picks the best. You were the best brother I have ever had.” Rest In Peace Lion” Ngao
His Bike… The Bike of the People.



At Cafe Deli discussing business prospects. He is the one who introduced me into the Blackberry Tablets deals that I ran for like half a year in 2014.  


With some members of the Electrical Engineering Class of  14 at Ngong Hills


Winding up a 24 hour shift at Embakasi


Rest In Peace Commander, & May God Comfort the friends and family you have left behind.
CPL Simon Mumo Kyuli

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