Crush Crush Crush…

Church days were days I looked forward to. This was because by the time one week was done, I would have missed the Sunday school kids too much that I couldn’t wait to see them again. I usually left the rest of my family back at home to go and prepare the class for these kids as well as prepare the days snacks that the youth used to sell. I was the chair of the youth back then and part of our IGAs was selling snacks to the congregation as they left for home. These were juice, cakes & sweets. It was the first project that we started and it went on well. So part of the reason for going to church early was to go set the table that was used for the purposes of that venture by the youth.
I got to church, and with the help of a few of the punctual kids, we arranged the class and I went out to set the other table for the project. The morning was spent at the Sunday school with the kids. Teaching is something I loved. And I could feel the inspiration that could flow from the almighty to pass the knowledge to the kids. Amazingly, some things I learnt in the process of teaching the kids. I so loved it. We used to do this with the help of two other ladies who had specialized in singing, and the kids always shouted to their songs more than mine. So I maximized on sermons and Q& A. Children are curious and they used to ask so many questions that you even deviated from the theme of the day.
Being the first Sunday of the year, we used to visit the kids who were hospitalized at Kirinyaga General Hospital. We visited the kids, who were always happy to see us. On our way to the hospital, I met Mar but she couldn’t join us coz she had errands to run. But she promised to pass by later in the day. You should have seen my excitement and the ladies in the group noted. Ed (One of the 3 musketeers), who was in attendance for this visit was like “Ooooh kaaay… So this is the one you have been singing about the whole week? After we had the snacks we had carried for them together, we sang songs and had a chat session where we talked to them individually and as a group, played with them for a while and then left.
We returned to the church compound where our project was going on. We continued helping those who were selling the snacks. The rest of the day was spent at the church compound. A thing that had become a tradition since the days I was an altar servant. I held a meeting with the youths and we dispersed. At the very last moments of the meeting, Mar appeared and there was my heart melting again. The meeting ended and I forgot to assign someone to return the things we had been using to where we used to store them. So as the leader, I had to do it myself. As the youths were dispersing, Mar bought time and she happened to remain behind after she had concluded here chat with her friends. I smiled inside and my heart went hyper full throttle.
I requested her to escort me and she agreed, she took me all the way while we were talking. Mostly the usual chit chat. I had recovered from the shock of my dumbness earlier in the week on my way home. After everything was safe in its place, we started for home. I never used to have any intentions to date coz I was pretty green and I never wanted the commitment. Guess that’s why I was comfortable with mentally “pursuing” a high school student. As much as she was a fourth former, tells a lot about my confidence. I escorted her to their shop which was within the town where she would wait for her sisters so they could walk home together. After a quick inquiry, I learnt that she would be going back to school the following week. So I was hopeful that I would meet her again within the course of the week. Once again I went home an excited man.
Crush Crush Crush…

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