Mugithi & My Crush of 2008.

Yesterday was 2007 and we spent the whole night Mugithi dancing. I never slept. I was not drinking either, was I? I cannot tell. But my nocturnal tendencies started early. Morning after was church day definitely to welcome the New Year on a spiritual level. I went home and took a cold shower and prepared for church. We went with the rest of my family. I did my best but couldn’t take it any longer. The sleep and fatigue was just too much. I walked out of the church after the sermon and went to the church hall which was not in use that day. I got myself a seat and took a power nap. No I slept. I was woken up by a seminarian who was walking by. He thought I was sick and had come to see if I needed any help. I was okay. Mass ended and after the usual courtesies at the end of the mass, we went home.
I have these handsome twins and I had been invited by their aunt for lunch. So we walked home with them.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my post high school crush Mar. Yes. Mar. I cannot use her real name off course. Mar was this ever smiling girl, still in high school back then. She was light skinned, medium height, had a soft voice and had these gestures when talking that you always wanted to continue a conversation, especially the argumentative once that needed her to use them all. She had white eyes that ‘needed’ you to stay glued to. I was tough on my religious self & she was a strong believer. I used to see her (See like see across the benches in church, on the streets… not see like date see) once in a while and my liking grew. Again I wasn’t aware of any law of attraction back then. So to me it was just simple. God was sending her to me.
As we were walking with the twins, I spotted Mar & I got that lightening feeling you get when you see “these people” (People you like, People you hate, People you love, people you just gossiped, people you owe, people who owe you or exes) In that moment of confusion, she kept walking and before we crossed the street to the other side, she had varnished. Within minutes of that event, I saw another ex of mine and luckily she didn’t maintain eye contact for long. She was late for church or something. We got home and I had to go back to town to get the chicken for that big day. I got back to my aunt’s and since I had not slept the entire night, I KO-ed on the couch till I was woken up by the excited boys that lunch was ready… Luckily for me due to the dehydration level I was at, I had not drooled as I would have under normal circumstances. After lunch and drinks – soft, I started for home.
Since I was bored as a result of the nap, fatigue, dehydration and last nights activities, I decided to take the long route home, via town. No. Let me be frank. I decided to use the long route home (via town) there was a probability of meeting this crush of mine in town. So I am walking along the tarmac counting Toyotas and as fate would have it, someone calls me from the shops lining the road. It’s Mar. It’s not only Turbo that lags. The mind and heart does too at times and in that moment, the matter in between my ears ceased functioning. As much as I would have wanted to bump onto her, I had not thought of a conversation or what I would say. The fact that she saw me first was what caught me off guard. It was a weird conversation we had.
“How is your first day of 2008”
Her smiling even made it worse for me because its like it was taking all the oxygen supply from my system. My brain being the worst hit.
“Oh I saw you earlier in the day after church but you were walking too fast”
“Yeah, My mum was waiting for me at the supermarket”
A lengthy moment of awkwardness…. Passed & then I hanged myself.
“I have been meaning to ask you, are you single?”
As I looked at her transition, it seemed like ages before she spoke out. I expected a slap or something. She might have thought I was a jerk. Worse that she was still in high school and I was post high school. I had just touched eighteen so your argument is invalid (I can imagine what you were thinking).
“I won’t tell you that”
“I will have to find out for myself then”
Then her smile returned. Phew!!!
I asked her if she could walk along with me to the end of that street and she asked me why, I told her just for a chat since she would be going to school soon. She declined and told me she would be seeing me on Sunday. That is if I was lucky. I said it was okay and I let her go. I thanked her too much for calling me that it even got awkward. Happier I was that asking her if she was single was not offensive at that point. You know how that generation can get…
My walk home got even more exciting and I was not tired anymore. I couldn’t wait to get home and find out how the other 2 of the 3 ‘musketeers’ had spent their first day of the year.
Sometimes I don’t even think…
So what if she was single?

To be continued.

Mugithi & My Crush of 2008.

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