Mudbath, mudfight, grown men fighting
I always keep wishing
I never fell to the ground
I would never have left the sky
I proved too heavy, too thick
Too arrogant, too impatient to remain
Fell onto an unknown moving mass
Saw other happy people by my side
Or probably laughing at my scene
Before I could digest that moment
I get pushed aside, again I don’t know
I fall through the side onto the spinning
Others like me jumping and rejoicing
Was I the only one crying at this???
How could they love going round and round?
Getting spun and splashed around?
I got spinning once and jumped onto hard ground
I get ran over again and again before they join
Together we go down the side
I start wondering how they got that dirty
Then I realized I was not as dirty as them
Just a tiny splash that was almost invisible
Guess that’s what happens when you avoid risking
I realize am in a bigger crowd
Bigger than the previous and way dirtier
Joined them and down we went
Singing, talking, dancing, jumping
The more we travelled,
The stronger we appeared
We kept it as such picking as we went
Growing bigger and bigger
Creating more fuss and noise
But who were we really
Who am I and what am I here for?
And where am I?
For again in my own mind I got lost

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