Con Games: A Story Continues.

I have found myself in a police cell… I am in the process of learning one of life’s greatest lessons on trust and mingling with wickedness (Wicked people) or something in those lines. This is how far we have come… Previously I hire a car for reasons I cannot explain better, I don’t know what […]

Paying The Price.

It’s Thursday!!! I don’t know why ‘they’ decided to throw things back on Thursdays… I might as well throw my entire blog back 🤦🏽‍♂️ I don’t think I have posted with as much zeal of late as I used to. Goodness it has been ages! So 10 years ago, on an evening like last, I […]

A Special Time.

Thursday Morning, I woke up to check out my phone for alerts. Yes, alerts… I receive a message asking about my availability for a phone call I had been expecting since Monday. I’m like hmmm… I mean it was a continuation to a series of texts discussing the best time to pick that call. Recently […]

I Will Serve The Lord.

Fear the Lord Serve Him In Sincerity Serve Him in Truth As for me and my house, We will serve the Lord Joshua 24: 14 – 15 “…Wewe ulipata kapesa ukapotea…” This statement has been thrown at me over phone calls severally this year. From a material perspective through an “obscured eye”, that statement would […]

STEPping Into Salvation II

Previously For a very long time, I continued to attend Catholic Masses, and attending Monday Fellowships at a church in Buruburu. By this time, I never knew much about spiritual growth. However later within the course I came to learn about spiritual growth in depth. I was feeding on Keith Moore’s – Growing Up. The […]

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