Pilot CB

Stealing a Car in Nairobi.

Previously   Another call comes through, Mr. Onkwani again. I wondered what would be bothering him now. “Hello” “Maina, fanya hivi, rudi tukutane hapa Galleria, nimekumbuka kuna kitu gari haikuwa imecheckiwa na sio vizuri uende na gari ikusumbue.” “Kuja tuangalie” “Sawa, wacha nigeuke.”  I figured whatever was in store at Rongai would wait. In fact, […]

Flying to Nakuru.

Hello, Aviation 2016… With Charlie. Behind us is Echo. It has been one unhealthy break for aviation & I, the practical bit that is. But I am back in action. Passive action or whatever it might be referred to. My intention this year is to fly as much as possible, whether I am on the […]

Flying School: Ground School Day Two

Kirinyaga Fruits The second day. I woke up early as usual and tried working that hour before I headed for school. It seems tough having to balance school life and work life. I had an hour to spare. Today I decided I will try packed lunch. I had visited Kirinyaga over the weekend and I […]

Harambee One Versus Ninety Nines One.

So after a day running up and down central Kenya, I get home around 8pm to find that a flight I had booked at 6.30 am had been shifted all the way down the schedule to 5pm. That was Thursday Evening. I don’t like 5.00pm; one reason being it’s expensive. That is getting to Wilson from […]

My First Day in Aviation.

Many probably think my first day was that first day I stepped into Wilson in 99s Flying school uniform and got into class and started the actual ground school classes. No. My first day in flying school started 12 years ago. Trust me. It has been such a long time coming and I am still […]

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