My Top Ten Songs of 2022

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In this post, I’ll be sharing my top ten songs as curated by Spotify, and the top five artists from this year. They all happen to be gospel songs. I thought this a nice idea to turn this into a blog post. This is not in order of merit. Just those that I listened to most. I am also sure, there are others that I listened to in equal measure to the ones below. Music has recently become an important part of my life, for company, for worship for entertainment. There has been a special preference to worship music in these past few years because I have discovered that they are a powerful tool. I also love discovering new songs and artists. Some of these songs are suggested by the algorithm through Youtube, others I discover on Instagram Reels and then I move on to Spotify to listen to them as well as add them to my playlist. As we move into a new year, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the gospel music that I enjoyed the most in the year. So without further ado, let’s dive into my top ten songs of 2022! They are also links, Click on the links to find the artist mentioned and the song listed.

Top Ten Songs.

Refiner by Maverick City Music, Steffany Gretzinger, Chandler Moore: This song was my most played on Spotify last year, I bumped into it when Phyll was listening to it on Youtube and I walked into the room. From the moment I put on my earphones the atmosphere changed. It has been a key song for most of my silent times especially on those devotion times in the car on my way to work.

Kabi O Osi O by Victor Olayeni: I discovered this song at Redeemed Gospel Church Huruma. We were installing a floor at the Bishop’s office and at some point I walked out to get some supplies. There was a lunch hour service going on in one of the sanctuaries and the worship leader was singing this beautiful song that almost made me walk into that service and leave work. I then rushed to Youtube and started searching for what I heard which at the time was Kabiyosi… What’s funny is that online as you search for this song, you will find very many people who had also been searching for the same song with various ways they heard it pronounced. The song talks about the unquestionable God. The term means “Who can question you?”

I Run to You by Oche Jonkings: Top on the list of songs that make me cry sometimes. The message is deep like that. The lyrics are so simple to remind me that without the presence of God, I am not.

“If You don’t help me where else can I go”
“No where No where”
“If you don’t heal me where else can I go”
“No where No where”

I Run to You: Oche Jonkings

Yes You Are the Lord by Denzel Prempe, Danny Nettey, Emmit Jim, and Negar Wujanji: I love this song because it was very common during worship in the early days of attending my current church. When I stopped attending catholic masses, the songs in the new place I was were so good, I couldn’t believe this is how lively a worship service would get. This was among the most commonly played song. Initially, it helped me get into a spirit of worship and prayer. Also as a young intercessor, getting into the rhythm of prayer was quite hard at times and this is where some of this music came in. But now I am not as reliant on music to drive me to the atmosphere.

Nothing Like Your Presence by William McDowell, Travis Greene, and Nathaniel Bassey: Like the one above, this is another worship song that took me to a higher place. Allowed me to let go of the flesh and step into the spirit so that I could be able to pray without any interruptions. The Lyrics are right there in even reminding me that the presence of God is more important than these other things we seek for. Well-aligned to seeking the kingdom of God first and His righteousness.

Kadosh by Pv Idemudia: Kadosh is a word with Hebrew origins and it means Holy. It is all about matters to do with Holiness and sanctification. It talks of the reign of the Holy one. His might and reign. A good reminder that God is King!

Haufananishwi by Boaz Danken: This one is a great one. The Lord is compared to no other. If this article was curated by Asher, this would be top on the list. I am sure he has also contributed to the song making it on this list because of the many times we have listened to it on our way to Church on a few Sunday Mornings.

New Worship Medley by Sonnie Badu, Toye D. Toye: I love some lengthy praise combinations or worship medleys. Especially the ones that are done as a serious form of worship not just a performance on a stage. I get lost in the atmosphere and I’m suddenly in my own sanctuary worshiping and praising the Lord just like I would be in church even when I am on site or driving. This is how powerful music can get.

Most High – African Worship Medley by Uche Agu: I love this song because it features as part of the songs I loved in the church in my initial days at Faith Harvest International Churches. When I joined the church, these songs were such a fresh breath of life. Back then I was singing without understanding. God has been faithful that part of service is not for my entertainment. This is the least of its purposes. So yes, it brings up some nice memories of my early days in church.

At The Cross by Darlene Zschech: I discovered this song as part of a larger playlist called Zeke’s Ultimate Worship Playlist, Which I highly recommend. A wonderful worship song and a great reminder of my salvation. It also elicits this Christian Church International vibes from back in the day when I attended that memorable church service, which I will always refer to on this blog – read that story here. My memory remembers such songs playing in the background. It is such a nice spiritual atmosphere to walk into.

At the cross I bow my knee,
where your blood was shed for me
There is no greater love than this
You have overcome the grave
Your glory fills the highest place
What can separate me now

You tore the veil
You made a way
When you said that it is done

 © Hillsong Music Publishing Australia, Wondrous Worship

My Top Five Artists for 2022.

Maverick City Music: I will be lying if I said I knew them from way back. I happened to bump into one of their songs on Instagram. Someone I follow online tagged one of their songs as their background music in a reel. I was soooold!!! Check them out.

Nathaniel Bassey: You know those songs encounter during worship and then you quickly shazam it? From then on, I got a whole list with me on repeat.

William McDowell: His compositions are lovely and powerful. You know how you know a Holy Spirit-filled singer, part is by the impact their lives and the songs they sing have. Back in 2017 when I was figuring out my salvation uncontaminated, His songs would play on replay. It was William McDowell and Sinach that I listened to most in that season. “Life and Godliness with Phyll” also has a powerful testimony from one of the songs by this artist.

Travis Greene: Early in the year this was among my most listened-to artist. ‘Made a way’ and ‘You waited’ were such a blessing.

Alice Kimanzi: The fact that she is constantly on a worship team influences my preference for her music. She does have a nice voice, and great compositions, Her humility is noticeable as well. Enough said I believe.

There you have it, those were my top ten Spotify songs and top five artists that featured on my devices for the better part of my year. I look forward to great praises and worship in the coming year.

My Top Ten Songs of 2022

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